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Vaillant ecoTec pro24 - fault F62 PCB 0020132764 or Gas valve replacement

Vaillant ecoTec pro24 combi boiler has an intermittent fault F.62 which stops hot water and heating to work

Fault F.62 indicated problem with a Gas Valve or PCB. 
Need to carry out the following test to identify:
To test the gas valve remove the electric plug from the gas valve and measure the following:
Pins 1-2 - 34 Ohms
Pins 3-4 - 17 Ohms
Pins 1-4 - 51 Ohms 
To test the PCB
In the top left corner of the Printed circuit board find terminal X20
Measure DC voltage across Blue and Red wires with power on
The voltage should be 24V DC and when the gas valve opens after the spark it should go down to 12V
If PCB has failed the test then replace the part: Vaillant EcoTec Plus Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 0020132764

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Hudson Reed Traditional Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve ITY309 - Thermostatic cartridge replacement DC70T

Traditional Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve ITY309 doesn't mix hot water

Isolate hot and cold water supplies to the shower
Remove the thermostatic cartridge from the shower body
The thermostatic cartridge is held in place by a brass nut.
The thermostatic cartridge will need a little shake once nut being removed to come out of the body
Put the cartridge into a de-scaler and leave for 1 hour
If the thermostatic cartridge still soesn't mix hot water then cartridge replacement is required
The replacement part is Hudson Reed, Ultra, Crosswater Thermostatic Cartridge DC70T32 with 20 teeth

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Worcester Greenstar Ri 24 - Faulty PCB replacement 87186871640

Worcester Greenstar Ri 24 open vent boiler works intermittently

The fan speed fluctuates when boiler is running
The PCB is making a constant clicking sound
PCB is faulty - the replacement part is Worcester Greenstar RI PCB 87186871640

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Potterton Housewarmer 45 - Faulty PCB replacement (407725)

Potterton Housewarmer 45 back boiler does not ignite

Put a temperature control on maximum on a user control. If there is no green light on check sparking
If there is no sparking occurs and gas valve is not opening then check DC voltage from user control unit to PCB between ports 8 and 9 (pink and black)
The DC voltage should be between 1.5V and 3V
If the voltage is out of range then replace the User control
The replacement part is Potterton Houseware 45 / 55 Boiler - User Control Assy 407726
If the problem remains after the User control replacement then replace PCB
The replacement part number is BBU flame monitor & ignition control PCB 407725
Note that both of the parts are obsolete and not produced by the manufacturer any more

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Vaillant TurboMAX Plus 824E - faulty fan replacement 0020020008 (old: 190272)

Vaillant TurboMAX Plus 824E - no heating or hot water

Boiler doesn't go into a lockout
No red lights on a front panel
The green light is flashing indicating demand
The pump is running
Open the combustion chamber cover and check the fan is spinning
If the fan doesn't spin then check the voltage which should be 240AC
If there is a voltage then replace the fan
The part number is Vaillant 0020020008 Fan
Old part number is  190272

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Pulsacoil 2000 - Gledhill GT153 Boilermate/Systemate/ Gulfstream Hot water Sensor replacement

Temperature fluctuates between hot and cold from the hot water tap or water is constantly cold while the cylinder is hot

One of the reasons for that is a faulty Hot water sensor
To replace the part you need to isolate the mains water and electrical supplies to the cylinder 
Open a hot water tap to remove pressure from the hot water pipe
Unscrew the Hot water sensor from the top pipe pocket
Put PTFE tape on a new Hot water sensor before assembling to make a water tight connection
The part number is Gledhill GT153 Boilermate/Systemate/ Gulfstream Hot water Sensor

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Triton Triton dart 2 concentric shower valve - thermostatic cartridge replacement 83310120

Triton dart 2 concentric shower valve turn on and off handle is very stiff to open or close

Thermostatic cartridge needs to be replaced
Waters supply must be isolated before replacing the part
The part number is 83310120

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Biasi M96.24SM/C2 - PCB replacement BI12015100 (replaces BI1715105)

Biasi M96.24SM/C2 combi boiler makes a loud kettling noise when hot water is running 

Check a gas valve. When boiler is firing remove a yellow wire from the valve. The flame should go to a low flame. If it stays at maximum then replace the gas valve.
Remove and clean the hot water (secondary) heat exchanger
Check hot water temperature probe (BI1001117) for resistance to be within manufacturers limits
If all of the above fine then replace PCB BI1715105 (suspended)
The new part number for PCB is BI12015100

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Glowworm 38cxi - Filling Loop 2000802600 replacement

Glow Worm 38cxi combi boiler doesn't work due to low pressure. When I try to open a filling loop to let some more pressure in the water starts pouring from a non return valve right on the floor under the boiler.

The problem is a faulty non-return valve which is a part of the filling loop
The filling loop needs replacement
Isolate the flow and return valves and drain the boiler before replacing the filling loop
The replacement part is Glow Worm Filling Loop 2000802600

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Gledhill PulsaCoil PCS180 - Stainless Steel Open Vented Cylinders

The PulsaCoil Stainless is an open vented thermal store which is a safer alternative to unvented hot water cylinders. It does not require a pressure and temperature relief valve and subsequently does not need any discharge pipe work. As hot water is demanded, it is mains cold water which is instantaneously heated as it passes through the heat exchanger and delivered to the taps.

Our basic offer:
Decommissioning and removal of an old cylinder
Supply & Fit a Pulsacoil cylinder
Supply & Fit a Limescale reducer
Insulate 1 meter of the pipework from the cylinder
Protecting stored water with Fernox inhibitor from corrosion
5 years guarantee for a cylinder and labour
Technical Info:
Dimensions (H: 1275mm x W: 560mm x D: 560mm)
Heat source - 2 x 3kW immersion heaters
Manufactured from high corrosion resistant stainless steel
Mechanical, digital and radio frequency (RF) control options available
Providing mains pressure hot water utilising off-peak electric
High efficiency pump
Maximum Flow Rate
Do not require any annual maintenance
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