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Nelson Ta
"The story of our lives is always the wrong story; but the rest, after all, is silence."
"The story of our lives is always the wrong story; but the rest, after all, is silence."

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Journal Entries 11/3-11/7
11/3 “Killing Us Softly 4” “Dove Evolution”   What do you think of the videos? What does it mean to be beautiful in
our society? 11/4 “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”   How do you start an essay? Where do you struggle the mos...

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Charting Stereotypes: Asian-Americans
Charting Stereotypes:
Asian-Americans FRONT: Using a Venn-diagram or 3-column
chart, compare and contrast the depiction of Asian-Americans in the two
cartoons. (Keep track of physical and intellectual characteristics) BACK: Answer each of the following

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VICE Video: The High Cost of Deporting Parents.
Here is a great video about the the high cost of deporting parents.  Although I did not have enough time to show it in class, I still do recommend it to all of you. Bonus Opportunity: If you feel like your essay won't score very high, you may submit an summ...

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Binder Check #1 (10/1)
Items with an asterisk* are assignments only for Honors Students.  Items in bold have been changed from their orignal.  Course Info Assignment/ Article    Points 1. Course Syllabus    N/A 2.Parent Letter    10 3.Syllabus Quiz    15 Unit 1: Introduction to L...

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Enrique's Journey
We will only be reading two more chapters of Enrique's Journey.  Due to time constrictions, we will have to move onto our next topic soon.  If you enjoyed the first chapter and want to continue reading on your own, here is link to the rest of the story: htt...

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Journals: 9/15-9/19
Here are the journal entries for the week: 9/15 No Entry 9/16 “A reader lives   a thousand times before he dies.   The man who never reads lives only
one.”-George R.R. Martin What
is your favorite story told through an artistic medium (book, movie,

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Binder Update/ Change
Our Binder Check will be on 10/1/14 (Subject to change). Course Information Unit 1: Intro to Language Arts Unit 2: Immigration, Identity, and Dreams Unit 3: Biases, Perceptions, and Persuasion Unit 4: Fight For Your Rights Grammar and Vocab Essays CAHSEE Pr...

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Unit Vocabulary Quiz Monday
We have a vocabulary quiz on Monday 9/15. Vocabulary from the last 3 weeks: figurative language- metaphor, similes, and personification immigration- to come or move into another country assimilation- the process of adjusting to a different culture adept- ve...

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Social Media Update: We are now on Instagram!
Salutations. I have decided (with the friendly suggestion from a few of my students) to add a Instagram account for our class. Follow our class activities, homework, and updates @mrtaenglish

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Journal Entries 9/8-9/12
 I apologize for the late post. It has been a hectic week. Here are the journal entries for the week: 9/8 “We travel, some of us
forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” –Anais Nin If you had the chance to go
anywhere, where would you trave...
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