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Croatia expert is sharing information about Holidays and Living in Croatia
Croatia expert is sharing information about Holidays and Living in Croatia


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Holiday Croatia in June

June is a great month for a holiday in #Croatia, here is why! 

June Weather in Croatia

The average temperature along the #Adriatic coast is about 22-28 degrees Celsius, the warmest area is Dalmatia, and especially the Dalmatian Islands. Temperature peaks varies from 15 on the coldest days to 30 degrees on the warmest days. So no need to bring winter clothes

In May there is depending of region up to 6 rainfall days in average, on those days it can become relatively cold in the evening especial in Istria, so remember to bring a sweater or a lighter jacket.  

Will you get a sun tan in June? Well, that’s up to you, you will for sure have plenty of options to get a nice tan, as the average number of daily sunshine hours is above 12.

Can you swim in the Sea in June? the average Sea temperature is about 22 degrees, so you can for sure go swimming.

Where to stay in June

As June is the shoulder season it is not too overcrowded. At this time of the year all areas of Croatia has awakened from the “winter sleep”, so you can basically pick any spot in Croatia. Obviously the most stuff is happening in the hotspots like, #Porec, #Rovinj, #Split, #Dubrovnik, but if main purpose of the visit is to get a nice tan, you will from a price perspective be better of in one of the smaller cities.

Most summer ferry have started operation, so you will have easy access to almost all of the Croatian Islands 

Are prices in June low? 

Well compared to the absolute main season (July and August), there is for sure money to save.

1. plane tickets are cheaper
2. Accommodation is 20-30% less then in peak season
3. Car rental is also considerable cheaper

Daily goods, restaurant / going out cost, are pretty much on the same level as in the peak season.

Special recommendations for a June visit

As for May, June is also a great month for Hiking, nature still has a beautiful green colour, and there are plenty of options to join Hiking tours organized by various mountaineer clubs.

Biking holidays, as road are still not overcrowded; weather is, as mention above excellent, so June is for sure a great time to go on a biking holiday. Popular spots for biking are Istria and the Islands.

Events, the local tourist boards usually have various events running in June, this could be concerts, exhibitions, sport events or other happenings, so make sure to check this out

Have a great June #holiday in Croatia!
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Croatia quiet holiday - holiday off the beaten track

We often get the question, where should we stay in  #Croatia , if we which to spend a quite holiday in a spot that is not packed with tourist, well the answer to that question is the following.

The most important thing in relation to finding a quite spot is when you travel, if you travel before end of May or after mid September, you can more or less find peaceful spots anywhere in Croatia.

From June to mid September, and especially in July and August, +you should definitely stay a way from+  #Istria ,  #Dubrovnik ,  #Zadar ,  #Hvar  and  #Split  if you don’t want to be in a spot packed with tourist.

So where to go if I want to just relax and enjoy the sun together with my family? 

Well, here are our suggestions to what places you should consider.

1.        The ultimate quite place in Croatia is the islands which has no scheduled ferry or catamaran connections (which means you can only access islands with private boat), on some of these islands you find old lighthouses which have been rebuild into “Robinson stile” accommodation, on other of these hard to reach islands you have a few apartment houses or luxury villas with pool. One example is the island Zizanj by Zadar, here you can see the island on google maps,15.4248375,2736m/data=!3m1!1e3 Most of these hard to reach island are situated in the Zadar archipelago. To spend a  #holiday  in one of these  #islands  is by no mean cheap, but in terms of peace it doesn’t get any better.
2.        On second spot, we would recommend Island Lastovo, situated “behind” island Korcula in the south western corner of Croatia. The island has a ferry connection from Split via Vela Luka, but ferry the trip is about 4-5 hours. You can read more about Lastovo here
3.        On third spot, We would put island Vis, the island is quite popular among sailors, but as the Island is quite big compared to the number of people living there, it is really no problem to find a quite spot there, e.g. have a look at this place
4.        On forth spot, We can recommend eastern and south eastern part of the Island Brac, especially the area around municipal Selca, here you several small cities, which by no means are overrun, at least not when you compared to cities on the mainland, great thing about Brac is that it is really easy to reach from Split. If you want it to be really peaceful I can recommend this place, reachable only be boat. – that’s what I call privacy!!
5.        On fifth spot, We would recommend Island Solta, although the island is really easy to reach with ferry from Split, the Islands is be no means packed with tourist, you can read more about Solta Island here.

If you wish to stay on the mainland, the most quite places to pick is according to our opinion, the small cities on the  #Dalmatian  coast between  #Split  and  #Dubrovnik , cities like  #Stanici ,  #Mimice ,  #Pisak  are all situated on steep hills cascading down from the coastal roads, in these cities you basically have no traffic and everything is really easy going.

We hope that this small guide could help as an inspiration for find the right spot for a quite  #holiday  in Croatia, if you have any places to add, please feel free to leave a comment.
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#Round-trip, if you are flying into Zadar, and wish to explore Dalmatia, you might want to check out our Itinerary!
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Holiday Croatia in May

If you are planning to visit #Croatia in May, you might find this interesting.

May Weather in Croatia

The average temperature along the #Adriatic coast is about 20-25 degrees Celsius, where the 20 applies to the beginning of the month and the 25 to the end of the month. Temperature peaks varies from 12 on the coldest days to 30 degrees on the warmest days. No need to say that you mainly have to pack summer clothes.

In May there is depending of region up to 10 rainfall days, on those days I can become relatively cold in the evening, so remember to bring a sweater or a lighter jacket.  

Will you get a sun tan in May? Well, provided that you do not hide your selves indoor, you for sure will be able to get a nice tan, as the average number of daily sunshine hours is between 10-12.

What about swimming? Sea temperature is about 18 degrees or even higher at the end of May, so swimming is for sure possible.

Where to stay in May

As May is still low season in terms of the number of tourist, you will find most stuff happing in the larger holiday cities like, #Zadar, #Dubrovnik and #Split and the Istrian cities #Pula, #Porec and #Rovinj  

In May the Croatian Islands are a great pick if you looking for a place to relax. 

Are prices in May low?

In May prices are similar to the ones I mentioned in my post “visiting Croatia in April”

Special recommendations for a May visit

From May it is possible to do Island hopping on a Gulet, where you can charter a cabin, this is a great way to see the Croatian Islands. Tours of various lengths are available from Opatija, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. 

If you like #Hiking *, May is a great month to pick, it is not to hot and the nature show it selves from it’s best side. Great places to hike, are the Islands, National park Paklenica and Velebit, and the mountains *along the south #Dalmatian cost. In most areas they have quite detailed hiking maps. 

Biking holidays, in May there are several companies offering #bicycle holidays, popular place for this are the islands as there is not much traffic. If you would like to do bicycle tours on your own hand, Istria is a great pick.

Getting to the Islands in May, how are the ferry connections?

I May ferries and catamarans runs according to the pre season schedule, which means you have connections to most islands, but not as many travel options as in the main season.

Sailing Croatia in May, something to consider?

Sure, May is a great month for a #sailing #holiday in Croatia, prices are still fairly low, the weather is great and you don’t have to fight for the best spots in each harbour or bay. In May month you also have the option, to join a sailing school, which is great way of learning how to sail.

Have a great May holiday in Croatia!
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Visiting Croatia in April

If you are planning to visit Croatia in April, you might find this interesting.


The average temperature along the #Adriatic coast is 12-14 degrees Celsius. With peaks up to 20 degrees on the best days (Temperature in the shadow), which means you should definitely bring T-shirt and short panties.

The average number of sunshine hours is between 9-10, so you should be able to get a tan.

You should probably also bring clothes for cold evenings and rainy days as April is still part of the “Rainy Season” with an average of 6-10 rainfall days, depending on the region.

Can you swim in April? Of course you can, but I am not going to join you, as the sea temperature is “only” between 14-16 degrees Celsius.

Where to go

Well that depends on how you want to spend your holiday?

April by no means qualifies for the term overcrowded, which means you can really explore and enjoy the “hot spots” like, #Dubrovnik, #Split, #Zadar, #Pula, #Porec, #Rovinj etc. Especially in the first 3 mentioned, you should find plenty of stuff to do also at that time of year

If you are looking for a quite place to relax, you can pick any of the smaller cities along the cost like e.g. #Primosten, #Brela or go to one of the Island like #Hvar or #Losinj.

Are prices in April lower?

Prices for accommodation, *especially #apartments , #B &B and #hostel are about 50% off *compared to high season rates. Hotel prices are also much lower and as most hotels are not full, you might be able to get extra discount or a room upgrade if you contact the hotel directly.

Most coffee bars and restaurant introduce their summer season pricelist in April, so you will have no savings on that account, but you might be able to cut a deal with the landlord or hotel manager if they offer food at the location. Groceries and daily goods are except for seasonal products pretty much the same whole year around. 

#Flights to Croatia are usually very cheap, especially the low cost airlines really have some bargains with return tickets which cost as little as 80 Euro at that time of the year. 

Car rental is also very cheap; rental prices from 25 euro a day are not unusual at that time of the year.

Can I Visit the National parks in April

Sure, all of them are open, and you can even benefit from reduced entrance prices and less crowds.

Is it worth visiting them? Definitely, the #Croatian national parks are beautiful all year around.

Is it more difficult to visit the Croatian #Islands ?

Yes, if you compare it to the main season when you have more ferry and catamaran departures, also some routes are not operating in #April . But in general you can still get to most of the islands without to much hassle.

Can you go sailing in April

Sure you can, if you are lucky and the weather conditions are as stated above, you have options to enjoy a sailing holiday at a bargain price, usually the boat charter prices are 50% lower than in the main season.

Other stuff which is good to know for an April visit to Croatia
-#Nightlife is more or less only available in the larger cities
-Great period for a round trip with a rented car, streets are not crowded and as mentioned car rental is cheap.
-Great month for #Hiking , not too hot. You can hike on your own or join one of the tours from many local mountaineers associations / groups
-Grate month for #Bike trip, less traffic on the roads. Many local bicycle clubs have day tour you can join.

Have a great April visit to Croatia!
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7 days round trip from Split

Here you can find our suggestion for an Itinerary for a 7 days round trip starting and ending in Split. 

This trip cover the lover locations in southern Dalmatia.
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Prices in Croatia

We again did a small survey of the food prices in Croatia, our findings was that the prices are quite stable, if we compare with the prices at same time 2013 and 2012 the prices are almost identical which is a bit surprising.

You can check out details of our survey here 
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Recommended day trips by bus from Split,

#Split is an excellent base for day trips by bus, for most day-trip destinations there is options to do a “self catering” trip with public buses or as an alternative to join an “all inclusive” organized bus day trip.

Here we have listed some of the most popular destinations.

1. #Dubrovnik: Possible with public bus, several companies offering day trips with various add-on’s. Total bus travel time about 8 hours. (public bus)
2. #Medjugorje (Bosnia): Limited number of public buses, especially in off peak season. Large group day trip available in main season, small privat group tours available whole year. Total bus travel time 6-7 hours. (public bus)
3. #Mostar (Bosnia): Similar to Medjugorje, organised tours often included both Mostar and Medjugorje. Total bus travel time 5.5-6.5 hours. (public bus)
4. #Zadar: Plenty of daily connection with public bus trough out the year. Organized tour offer limited. Total travel time by bus 5-6 hours. (public bus)
5. #Plitvice lakes national park: Public bus most frequent in main season. Organized day trips available trough out the year. Total travel time by bus > 9 hours (public bus)
6. #Krka National park: No direct public buses, can although be reaches via Sibenik. Excursion available trough out the year, most tours include extras like e.g., a stop in Sibenik or lunch in Skradin.  Total travel time by bus 5-6 hours. (Public bus).
7. #Sibenik: Fairly easy to reach by public bus. No day trips with Sibenik only. Total travel time by bus 3.5-5 hours. (Public bus).
8. #Makarska Riviera: Public buses are frequent, No day trips to Makarska only. Total travel time by bus 2.5-3 hours. (Public bus).
9. #Trogir: Plenty of daily public buses, no day trips Total travel time by bus 1 – 1.5 hours. (Public bus).

 #Daytrip #Croatia 
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The European Coastal Airlines company starts with its work in #Croatia in May 2014. Thus Croatia will be richer in one more airline company that will transfer passengers along the coast and the islands in a very short time.

European Coastal Airlines is a seaplane company founded in Croatia in 2000 with its base in Zagreb. As already said, the first flights are scheduled in May 2014 and for now there are seven locations where the #seaplanes will land and take off. These are Divulje next to #Trogir, #Split, #Hvar, #Vis, #Lastovo #Korcula and #Dubrovnik. A flight will cost from 190 to 290 kn and the longest flight from Split to Korcula will last 25 minutes. 

The main hub will be in Split at Matejuska which will also be the starting position for most flights. The terminal in Split, as well as in other attractive locations, will have catering facilities with various possibilities. 

Another important location is Divulje next to Trogir which will besides terminal have a maintenance base, a center for education and the introduction of new technologies. This location is important beacuse it's related to future plans of the company which has plans to expand to Italy and Greece. Those who come to Split airport and want to go further by a seaplane, there will be an ECA mini bus waiting at the airport to take them to Divulje base which is 500 m away. 

Dubrovnik will have its base in the port Gruz. 

The company now has 2 hydroplanes with a capacity of 19 seats and besides landing in the sea they can land on the runway as well. There are already plans for 2015 to expand to Sibenik, Zadar, Mali Losinj, Pula and ancona.

What is particular is that the flights will not be seasonal, they will operate all year round.  

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Trogir Riva - A must visit
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