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David Forehand
David Forehand of Orlando, Florida
David Forehand of Orlando, Florida

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Real Estate Trends in Orlando and Central Florida
Just three
to four years ago, Central Florida’s housing market was deeply rundown,
however, now, the home sales volume is experiencing a rise, which is an
indication of market recovery. The current situation is ideal for people
investing in real estate in O...

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Tis the Season to Buy a House in Orlando
Good Time to Buy a House in Orlando The City Beautiful, Orlando, has
always been the place to go with kids for a Theme Park adventure. From all
those Kingdoms of Legoland to The Cindrella Castle at
Magic Kingdom, Orlando has delivered thousands of smiles to...

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A new theory about why Apple is buying Beats.

At least I think it's new. Here it is: 1) Apple decided that it needed to sell over-the-ear headphones and separately sell better earbuds than those included with iPhones; 2) Apple reasoned that no matter what they couldn't beat Beats in the market; 3) Apple couldn't fathom the idea of having a minority market share in something as central to Apple's identity as music hardware; so 4) Apple bought Beats to prevent the company from being perceived as a loser in a major music hardware category; and 5) they may still launch Apple-branded headphones and premium earbuds and no matter what will dominate the market. 

This, combined with the fact that the acquisition pays for itself in three years and makes Apple more relevant to teenagers justifies the purchase. 


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The Rule of 180 during the Holidays
Here comes Santa Clause….and that big red bag full of stress he totes around.  For adults, the holiday season can wear you down.  Although it may be full of joy, it comes with a price, our sanity.  Let’s try to curb that stress and focus on enjoying the hol...

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David Forehand
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