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February 22, 2017 Fictional Rights By Tammy Derouin Not that long ago, most Americans
understood that in order to secure the blessings of our liberty and
to be able to pass it on to our posterity, we had to establish
justice, insure domestic tranquility, pr...

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Siege By
Tammy Derouin After
eight long years of neglect, the security of the American people and
the homeland are once again the focus of the White House. The United
States was under siege by an administration which put the feelings
and false rights ...

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State of Denial By Tammy Derouin We have returned to a nation of laws
and have eradicated the nation of men created by the last
administration. Of course, after eight years of selective
enforcement of the laws, should we be surprised that the Left has

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The Shifting Left By Tammy Derouin If nothing else, I guess we've got to
hand it to the Left for their endless attempts to keep their causes
on the front page, as if they were actually worthy of our attention.
But then again, front page attention doesn't t...

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and Liberty By
Tammy Derouin It's
a new day. There is optimism that the damage intentionally inflicted
upon our country by a traitorous former president and his equally
traitorous administration will be reversed, mended and healed. We
finally stood...

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Fundamental Principles  By Tammy Derouin I really hoped that by the time we approached the inauguration
things would have calmed down.  But, we
are not just dealing with disappointment; we are dealing with pure hate.  I wanted to believe that Americans woul...

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January 11, 2017 Narcissistic Ring Master By Tammy Derouin The U-Haul trucks cannot pull up to the White House soon
enough!  The Liberal circus
continues.  As we enter these final
couple of weeks of the most anti-American administration in our history,

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Lame Duck By Tammy Derouin The year 2017 couldn't get here fast enough.  As 2016 was coming to a much needed end,
Americans were getting yet another look at the destructive objectives of the
Obama administration.  With only a few
weeks left to do damage, we...

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Star of David By Tammy Derouin Every year comes to an end with the hope that the next year
will be better.  It’s a hope which comes
directly from the last celebration of the year, Christmas, the birth of
Christ.  It saddens me to see how our
country has mov...
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