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Hello there,

I have a 7th edition of the database book for sale. If you're interested, please contact me. I'd prefer selling it to an OMSCS student instead of Amazon etc.

It is used for CS6400.

The current new price from Amazon is 144.40.

I'm willing to let it go for a small discount relative to the used prices on Amazon (ranging at about 110.00 right now).

Condition is very good-like new.

Please no super low ball offers (like 95% off or something).

Did someone from the program report when summer TAs are finalized and they can decide to raise the caps for classes? Or does someone know from experience? 

Did any counselor mention to anyone if they are going to be doing an override system again (Like in Spring so you get one class you want at least) for Summer? Obviously popular courses are going to get filled quickly and it would stink if there is no availability for them (I know the caps will get raised, a lot of it depends on how many TAs can get hired). 

Are any of the new courses for fall considered foundational? Just want to make sure (at least from the website, none are).

Is 6601 considered a foundational class? Someone on Reddit confirmed it .... thought it would be nice to ask here for a double confirmation or someone official from the program.

Hey guys,

Did anyone not get the email about the AI class today or any various registration emails (heard it through Hipchat)? I got a couple of them but seem to be missing any emails sent to the OMSCS Master list. I'm a new student, so not sure if it's possibly that.

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Best place for social travel ~ IE if you want to have fun while planning a trip.

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If you like to travel and share, give Gogobot a shot!
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