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Released a new Android app today.  Free Wallpapers - browse and download wallpapers for your phone background -

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So I have been writing a framework for Android, and it is far along enough that I have started casting apps off of it.

I am about to release the first app. I might call it either Device Data or Device Database. Right now it is only for newer Android devices, Lollipop and higher (5+). What it does is connect to your various databases (content providers) on your phone. Then you can browse or search through them, like you would in a spreadsheet. Right now it does text messages, call logs, contact list, device settings, calendar and media file database.

It is in an open beta test right now that anyone (like you, reader) is free to use ( ). My primary focus is on finding bugs that might be on it. Once that is taken care of, then I'm interested in what people think would make the app more usable, what features they want etc.

The testing is pretty far along so I may be releasing the app soon if I don't find any bugs. For the next version I have some things in mind. The data is in a raw format, so the dates on the call log, text message log etc. are in raw device format - I will probably work to change that to something more user-friendly in subsequent versions. Also I'll be listening to feedback and making changes based off of that.

What's next for the framework? One feature would be to be able to save things I show like SMS text messages to a file, or be able to share them via e-mail or something like that. So I will probably work on that, and would probably put that feature in this app, but I might do a whole new app out of it. Then with that done, there are other apps that can be done.

I have been working on this Android framework a while. I spent many hours and days since June 2015 on it. Actually, in a sense, I started working on it in June 2011. So it will be nice to finally have it pushed out the door. This app is just a subset of the existing frameworks features though - the framework can jump to cells by name, the app can't, the framework can load spreadsheet files, the app can't. It's nice to have the first app from the framework pushed out of the nest though.
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