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Cassiopeia A in 3D
Quote: One of the most famous objects in the sky - the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant - will be on display like never before, thanks to NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and a new project from the Smithsonian Institution A new three-dimensional (3D) viewer, being unveiled this week, will allow users to interact with many one-of-a-kind objects from the Smithsonian as part of a large-scale effort to digitize many of the Institutions objects and artifacts.

#sciencesunday   #nasa   #photography  

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How cool
Quote: The InForm is a dynamic shape display from MIT's Tangible Media Group. It turns 3D data into crude, physical representations in real time.

Thanks +CNET 

#3d   #technology   #awesome  
Now this is tech worth developing. MIT's InForm makes it possible to "be" in two places at once:

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A Mutant Manifesto

Quote: Joseph Beuys said: 

"Only on condition of a radical widening of definition will it be possible for art and activities related to art to provide evidence that art is now the only evolutionary-revolutionary dismantle in order to build A SOCIAL ORGANISM AS A WORK OF ART" 1973 (emphasis original) 
 Thanks +Laurens Martens 

A Mutant Manifesto.

A great little mind jam of Megan May from SpaceCollective on the canvas of culture and our ever increasing capacity to change it.

"If we recognize that every society is a petri-dish with a particular set of parameters around which a given culture is organized, then its fair to assume that modifications to the parameters can and do produce entirely different cultures."

"Considering the sequence of events that, through a continuous process of trial and error, gave rise to our current moment in time, and reading the newspaper today, with its constant updates on the state of humanity, it seems more and more evident that the whole shmear is indeed one giant experiment, and if we recognize ourselves as actors within it, we are fully capable of collapsing the distinction between what is and what could be, leaving us with nothing but incentive to imagine and enact the future. "

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A Ride Into Space ..... Via A Balloon :-)
Thanks +martin shervington 

#space   #worldview   #coolstuff  
Would You Take A Balloon Ride to Space?

Conceptually, this looks fascinating. After seeing the movie #Gravity  though, I just keep thinking about what could go wrong. lol

What do you think? 

#space   #worldview  

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How Biochemistry binds all life together

Thanks +Raphaël Rivolgo 

#biochemistry   #scienceeveryday   #life  
"The operating system of life"

This animation lays out the blueprint of a cell and explains how #biochemistry binds all life together.

Lesson ( by +George Zaidan  and Charles Morton, animation by Pew36 Animation Studios. Via +TED-Ed 

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Brilliant .... 
$10 Cellphones Provide HealthCare in Developing World 

#heathcare   #technology   #medicalresearch  

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Be warned this is Mind Blowing

Thanks +Craig Chamberlin :-)

#Gif #Mindblown #Humour
My Tuesday Morning Gif Winner!
Because since I've joined +Google+, I've been #mindblown  

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Did you wonder 
Well now you know how a sewing machine works

Thanks +Carlos Portela 

#science   #gif   #wondersoftheworld  
Just in case you ever wonder how a sewing machine works..
#gif #science 
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Time to be Mesmerized
Enjoy .....
Thanks to +Michael Mozart 


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Quote: The mapping technology is quite different, as is the disease, but there’s a certain similarity between Snow’s map and a new project conducted by a group of researchers led by Henry Kautz of the University of Rochester. By creating algorithms that can spot flu trends and make predictions based on keywords in publicly available geotagged tweets, they’re taking a new approach to studying the transmission of disease—one that could change the way we study and track the movement of diseases in society.
Thanks +Social Reader 

#geotagging   #maps   #twitter  
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Using geo-tagged data from social media posts, researchers can create accurate rapidly adjusting epidemiology maps. The project has already identified 480 likely cases of food poisoning in New York City alone. How it works:   
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