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The Adventures of Fort Gaskin-Burr!
Random craziness with an organic touch
Random craziness with an organic touch

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Every time I think the crew of Speechless can't get more awesome. Kurenai@Otakon Brook Hubbard Marie Bonaccorse
Not Terrell Suggs

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I can't believe it's been so long since #TheWrathOfKhan came out. PopCulture Uncovered Jessica Crouse Kurenai@Otakon

Post has attachment #TheLostChild PopCulture Uncovered iblerdgirl Janey La Royale
Kurenai@Otakon @LonoXIII @CJMami @T_Fizzle

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I'm here for #WonderWoman and #Aquaman. PopCulture Uncovered
iblerdgirl Jessica Crouse Kurenai@Otakon Oz Al Ghul

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SmokeScreen looks like we both loved that #Dany/#Varys convo. PopCulture Uncovered Evilboy
iblerdgirl @dramaaddict

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The Flash trailer hit and looks surprisingly good. PopCulture Uncovered iblerdgirl Brook Hubbard
Janey La Royale

Apparently the #VideoEditor tool is leaving YouTube ....#WhyThough Drop Three PopCulture Uncovered SmokeScreen

So....#Sansa and #Arya are totally murdering #Littlefinger in the next few eps, yes? SmokeScreen PopCulture Uncovered Fantom Comics

Post has attachment Thor I am so ready for this movie. PopCulture Uncovered Ron Burr FakePlacebo
iblerdgirl Evilboy

Do people know that #Cersei blew up the sept because I want someone to call her on it. SmokeScreen PopCulture Uncovered BlackGirlNerds @SDCC
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