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A Fox of a Different Kind
The best kind...

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Why a Custom 1911 is So Expensive
Anyone who is into shooting knows that a custom 1911 can consume quite a bit of lira.  In this post I'll show you where some of that cost goes.  I won't bother showing things like frame/slide fit, barrel fitting, extractor shaping/tuning or any other intern...

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A Custom S&W Model 10
This revolver started life as a 6-inch, pencil barrel, fixed sight, square butt.  It's been modified into a 3-inch, heavy barrel, adjustable sight revolver for IDPA "Back Up Gun" class competition.  The heavy barrel that was used was from a 4-inch model.   ...

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An Alex Henry .500 BPE
This somewhat plain but very well made Alex Henry hammer double rifle needed a thorough cleaning, a new breech screw and an extractor retaining screw.  One of the stalking safeties was binding and that was also corrected.  The black powder express rifles we...

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Addendum to: An Unbiased Look at the Design of American Doubles
Apparently this post has ruffled a few feathers, Upon reflection, I think that I should have titled it " A Dispassionate look at the design of American Doubles" , ...

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Another Modern Revolver
Another Ruger Security-Six, owned by the same client as the blued version shown in an earlier blog post.  This one started as a stainless, square butt, six inch barreled "warning era" version, meaning that the left side of the barrel was roll-stamped with a...

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Repairing a Holland & Holland "Climax"
If this looks like a W & C Scott Safety Hammerless that's because it is.   H&H bought these guns in to retail under their own name as a lower-tier alternative to their in-house made, best quality Royal.  This one had a failing, poorly done repair at the wri...

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**%$#@!$&!-ing Bodgers!*
The victim is a late 1890s Stephen Grant Sidelever SLE in 12 gauge.  The crimes are badly buffed barrels, a loose forend loop, inop ejectors, cardstock "shims" rubber cemented inside the right lockplate and one of the worst leather covered pads I've ever se...

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Cleaning Up an A&A No.1
Yes, it actually needed to be cleaned but this gun perfectly illustrates that nothing can be taken for granted, not even mere disassembly.  It had some lockwork issues and needed the striker noses to be reprofiled along with a broken (horn) buttplate that n...

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From the Raw - Update
I've made a few changes to the original design brief.  The caliber was changed from the originally envisioned 7x57R to 7.62x51R (.30-30).  This was done for reasons of ammunition availability and performance.  Since the the selection of rimmed 7x57 is spars...
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