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Taylor Mary Jean
Student, picture taker, born in the year of the rooster, aspiring world traveler, lover of life
Student, picture taker, born in the year of the rooster, aspiring world traveler, lover of life

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Weekly Inspiration: Daydreams
Image from Jenna Kutcher I have recently been catching up on YouTube videos and blog posts from the various people that I follow. On top of being a fun way to relax I am constantly amazed at how much many of these people have achieved. From starting side bu...

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5 Yoga Sequences for the Morning
Morning is my favorite time of the day to do yoga. Practicing in the morning is the best way to wake up both my body and mind for the day ahead. When I do yoga in the morning I find that as the day becomes more hectic, I am better able to handle the stress....

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Weekly Inspiration: Keep Going
I absolutely love this quote! I am constantly feeling like I should be improving or learning things faster than I am. I want to go from a beginner to a master in something without any of the process or work to get there. For example, instead of practicing y...

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Book Review: The Bookseller
I saved The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson onto my Goodreads to-read list a while ago, and the last time I stopped into the library I decided to pick it up. I didn't know anything about it other than what was on the inside cover, so I wasn't 100% sure what t...

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Weekly Inspiration: Let Your Heart Breathe
I saw this quote and I knew I had to share it this week! I've always had this feeling like if I wasn't writing something perfectly the first time, I just shouldn't write. When I was younger I always enjoyed writing for fun. I have always been a bookworm, so...

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How to Manage a Paper Calendar
I have used both digital and paper calendars to keep myself organized throughout the years. I have found that a paper calendar is one of the best ways for me to keep track of my tasks each day and keep myself organized as I juggle the different parts of my ...

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Weekly Inspiration: Creativity
The other day I was reading an article in the July/August 2016 issue of Spirituality & Health  magazine about getting unstuck during a creative block. The author speaks of writers block, but the ideas in the article can be applied to any creative process. S...

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About a week ago I picked up the book Aim True  by Kathryn Budig at my local library. In the book she discusses yoga, a healthy diet, and finding balance in life. I've loved reading the book so far and learning the many insights she has into yoga and life. ...

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April Favorites
Happy Thursday! This week I wanted to share with you a few things that I have been loving during the month of April. Enjoy! Teavana Defense Wellness Tea I completely forgot I had this tea in my cupboard until I got sick with a cold this month. I am so happy...

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Weekly Inspiration: Small Steps
Image Source As soon as I saw this quote I knew it was going to be my Sunday post. Until recently I felt like the only steps I was taking in my life were small steps. I wanted so badly for all the moving parts in my life to become more tangible. However, al...
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