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Fall Into My Darkness by Nomar Knight
darkness and dare to live once more Scream away the pain
you hold in your core Let me guide your
soul through the abyss of love Wash away tears as
we soar up above Fall into my
darkness in eternal pleasure...

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Chronicles of a Tormented Teacher: Tests.
Chronicles of a Tormented Teacher Tests       Lately, I've been designing tests that are like a serene field until the unprepared wander carelessly not knowing that it's all a minefield. Last week a few students blew up. While it served as a rude awakening ...

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Fractured by Nomar Knight
Fractured By Nomar Knight I smile to sell illusion My laughter is all the rage A mask hides confusion Yet I'm stuck in a cage Ready to keep busy Maintain a quiet presence Dark thoughts make me dizzy Brought down by hard lessons I'm fractured inside And nobo...

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Wipe it Away!
Wipe it Away! By Nomar Knight Wipe it away! Make
sure to get it all. Night becomes day.
Mustn't take the fall. Wipe! Wipe it away!
The stains must come off. Keep them at bay.
Secrets revealed by a cough. Wipe! Wipe! Wipe it
away! Sweat mixes with blood. Dam...

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Consequences of Success
Consequences of
Success By Nomar Knight There's a target on
my back Success launches a
thousand knives Steps become harder
to track Truth drowned out by
lies Become great at
spotting hate Evil glances as if
to dismember Be careful what you
ask of fate Failu...

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When Love Bleeds By Nomar Knight How can I take a
chance? To find a loving
romance When I know all too
well The pain takes me to
hell Like a vampire when
he feeds That's when love
bleeds Nothing but fallen
prey Don't know what to
say As if I'm stuck in
my s...

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Darkness for me Tonight
Darkness For Me Tonight By Nomar Knight I've been practicing letting you go Ever since we said hello The warm embrace that replaced words Hearts beating like a thunderous herd Watched what could be Turned into it can't be me A cruel fate dealt us a blow How...

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Dead of Knight
Dead of Knight By Nomar Knight The wounds are too
deep Just want forever
sleep Suffocated by
circumstance Like I never had a
chance All the time we
spent Thought you were
heaven sent Emptiness claws and
bites Turned off all the
lights Looking for forever
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