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It's been forever since I added any updates to my Google profile.  Between all of the google, facebook, twitter accounts that I have for myself and for each of my blogs and websites, it is kind of overwhelming.  Especially since I am no longer doing the blogging business full time anymore.

Last year I got back into the workforce and have been working as a senior financial analyst for a fitness equipment manufacturer.  I'm finally getting used to it but am also realizing that I need to get back on top of my blogs if I want to be able to survive financially.  Life is expensive!

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We reviewed a few budgeting sheets

Yesterday, we looked around the Internet at all of the free household and family budget spreadsheets to find the best ones. We looked at dozens of them and downloaded about ten of them. After that, we picked the four that were easiest to use and that had some unique qualities. Anyway, we've posted a short review of each budget worksheet as well as links to where you can find them and get them for yourself. Read the full post at Budget Ways for more information.

Do You Know How Businesses Budget?

In case you've ever wondered how small and large businesses develop their internal budgets, we've put together an article that discusses the three methods of business budgeting, as well as the pros and cons of using each type of budget process. In case you don't know, the three types of budgets are top down, bottom up, and zero based. Read our article for more information.

Spreadsheets Can Help You Make Lots of Different Financial Decisions

Financial modeling is no longer just for financial analysts and large corporations. Free spreadsheet applications are now available from places like OpenOffice and Google Docs, which can allow anyone to start using them to help make both simple and complex financial decisions. Besides just keeping track of your finances, you could be using spreadsheets to help you plan majore purchases and investments. Read this article that tells more about using spreadsheets in everyday life.

Some Tips on Budgeting for a Second Home

When we purchased our vacation home we thought we had all of our expenses covered. In reality, we greatly underestimated both the large and small costs, and now are stuck paying a lot more than we planned. Read about what happened to us and how you can improve the way you budget for a second home or vacation residence.

Do You Manage Your Money Well?

When it comes to managing money, most people do a terrible job. In fact, I'd guess the majority of people couldn't even tell you how much money they currently have in their checking account. In times like this, a little discipline is needed. Start by getting your finances organized. At a minimum, start a spreadsheet to balance your bank accounts. Besides getting organized, there are many other small habits that you can change that can really make a difference to your finances over the long term. Read about them here.

How to Choose a Free Budgeting Program

If you're looking to create a budget on the cheap, there are three different types of budgeting methods you can use. The first is the online budget tool that allows you to download and keep track of all your transactions online. The second is a downloadable budget program that you download and install on your computer, and then update the transactions yourself. And the final way you can create a budget is to use an everyday spreadsheet, either from a template you download or one that you make from scratch. Read our article to learn more about how to choose the best budget software.
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