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Everything about Android Lollipop update for Galaxy Note 4: top new features, how to solve slowness problems and battery problems after Lollipop update
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Enjoy your camera.
How a powerful camera fits into the #GALAXYNote4

The powerful camera features on the GALAXY Note 4 result in brighter, more stable and vivid high-quality photos.

Introducing the camera

The GALAXY Note 4’s camera comes with powerful hardware available within the space limitations of a smartphone, having to compromise between keeping a slim frame and retaining capability for stable, high-quality photos. With a combination of enhanced hardware and software features, the GALAXY Note 4 now takes brighter, wider selfies and more stable photos. After they are taken, photos and video will also be sharper and more vibrant on the Note 4’s gorgeous Quad HD Super AMOLED display.

Brighter front camera

The selfie experience on the GALAXY Note 4 is now even better with a 3.7 megapixel front camera to match the WQHD display. The front camera also comes with an aperture size of f1.9, letting 60% more light in to let you take brighter photos than Note3. You can fit more people into your selfies with a default 90 degree shooting angle. With the new Wide Selfie mode, you can also take panorama shots up to 120 degrees.

To help with the selfie experience, you can either tap on the HRM sensor on the back of the device or activate voice control to say “smile” or “cheese” to take a selfie more easily. 

More stable rear camera

In addition to having 16 megapixels and a 1/2.6” sensor size, the rear camera on the GALAXY Note 4 comes with Smart OIS, or Optical Image Stabilization. OIS is a hardware feature that shifts the camera lens in the opposite direction to offset any movements that occur when taking photos, letting users take clearer photos.
Smart OIS is an addition to the existing Digital Stabilization feature from previous GALAXY smartphone cameras. Digital Stabilization is a software feature that processes the image after it is taken to adjust for hand shaking or other movements. When the exposure time is longer than 1/15 or 1/30 seconds, Smart OIS is activated right away by default, increasing the chance of getting high-quality photos in low light environments.

The combination of Smart OIS and Digital Stabilization means that you can now quickly and easily take stable photos in low light. We have also developed Smart OIS on the GALAXY Note 4 for optimal power consumption.

Did you know?

With GALAXY Note 4, you can record up to UHD (3,840 x 2,160) quality video. 4k video recording capability has been enabled since GALAXY Note 3. And now it supports MHL 3.0 so as to send the 4K videos shot on your GALAXY Note 4 straight to your UHD TV via a cable or MHL-to-HDMI adapter.

So here we have it. Which camera feature on the GALAXY Note 4 are you looking forward to the most?
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How to turn off Flipboard briefing on Galaxy Note 4 home screen?

The Flipboard briefing on Galaxy Note 4 home screen can be disturbing

In Galaxy Note 3, you get the annoying My Magazine on the home screen when you swiping up from the home button.  In Galaxy S5, this My Magazine was moved to a dedicated page in the home screen.

In Galaxy Note 4, Samsung gives up the My Magazine because the the reception was probably not good as expected.

Now a Flipboard briefing page is added on Galaxy Note 4 home screen. Flipboard is a nice app for reading and news aggregating on Android and iOS. You can put a widget on your home screen if you want.

The problem is that, if you don’t turn off the Flipboard briefing on Galaxy Note 4 home screen, you cannot “rotate” the home screens: once you flick to the Flipboard briefing page, it will not go to next home screen and you have to  flick back.

So, the implementation is really a failure, although the idea is good.

This is very disturbing if you get used to scrolling the home pages without flicking back.

You can easily turn off Flipboard briefing on Galaxy Note 4 home screen

Luckily, Samsung knows a lot of Galaxy Note 4 owners may hate this feature, so Samsung made it easy to remove the Flipboard briefing on Galaxy Note 4 home screen.

In home screen editing mode, under home screen settings, you can turn off Flipboard briefing on Galaxy Note 4 home screen.

Step-by Step guide on how  to turn off Flipboard briefing on Galaxy Note 4 home screen

Step 1: enter Galaxy Note 4 home screen editing mode

In any of the home screen pages, tap and hold any empty area to enter home screen editing mode in your Galaxy Note 4 as shown below.

In Home screen editing mode, you can customize the home screen, add apps and widgets to the home screen, manage apps and widgets on the home screen. We will have other tutorials to cover these.


 Step 2: uncheck Flipboard briefing in the Home screen settings

In Galaxy Note 4 home screen editing mode, tap Home screen settings.

In the new window, un-check Flipboard Briefing.


Step 3: Return to home screen.

Tap the back button twice to return to home screen.

Now you turned off Flipboard briefing on Galaxy Note 4 home screen.  If you really need it, you can turn it on following the similar steps.
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Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best smartphones in 2014. However, there are obvious defects in Galaxy Note 4 (I'm not talking about #gapgate  ). These defects  reflect the confusion and lack of confidence in the positioning of Galaxy Note devices.
#galaxynote4   #samsunggalaxyphone
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 Galaxy Note 3 KitKat update: Top 5 disappointments and top 5 consolations
#galaxynote3   #kitkatupdate   #kitkat   #kitkat44   #androidart   #sviewcoverfornote3   #galaxynote3camera  
Disappointment #1: No ART options
Disappointment #2: SD card support is limited
Disappointment #3: Third-party accessories may not work
Disappointment #4: Messaging app becomes useless
Disappointment #5: Poorer camera performance
Consolation #1: Change home screen easily
Consolation #2: Full screen music player on lock screen
Consolation #3:  More emojis (although some are really ugly)
Consolation #4: Quick access to camera  from lock screen
Consolation #5: Transparent notification bar

Other improvements in Galaxy Note 3 KitKat update
1. more responsive (most of the time, except camera)
2. new full screen mode (immersive mode)
3. select the Default applications  (Settings–General)
4. location accuracy control and reports for location request  (Settings–Connections–Location)
5. wireless printing (Settings–Connections–More network–Printing)

What do you think about this Galaxy Note 3 KitKat update?
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 Top 10 New features of the New S Note in Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition
#galaxynote3   #snote   #spen   #easychart  
If you are a user of  Samsung Galaxy Note, or Note II, you will find the S Note in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is quite different from that in Note or Note II. For example, a lot of seasoned S Note users will ask “where is the productivity tools?”  in Note 3.

In this post, I will share with you the top 10 new features of S Note in Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  These include select and transform (replacing and enhancing productivity tools in old S Note), select and format (formatting your S Note), easy chart, line eraser,  searchable S Note, full screen by default, landscape template, preview S Note, default template and default cover, and add from scrapbook.

Please note, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition has almost  identical S Note as that in Galaxy Note 3. So this post also applies to Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, although I just mention Note 3 in the post.

1. Select and transform (replacing productivity tools)
Productivity tools is one of the  most welcomed features in S Note. It is powerful and east to use. If you are not sure about the productivity tools in previous generations of Galaxy Note devices (Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 8.0, and Galaxy Note 10.1), you may check this video.

Once you  get the new Galaxy Note 3,  you will find you can not find productivity tools in the new S Note.  Quite a lot Galaxy Note 3 owners asked me where to find the productivity tools.

In Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the productivity tools are deeply integrated into S Note. The term is no longer used for the new S Note.

All of the functions  and features (except formula search in Wolfram Alpha) of productivity tools now can be easily accessed from select and transform in Galaxy Note 3. You can write/draw whatever you want in the S Note, tap the selection button, draw a closed (roughly) line to include the written objects,  now you have the options to convert/transform the written objects to text,  shape, formula, text shape+text. This is more efficient than that in productivity tools.

The transform function  is more accurate compared to the productivity tools.  You can also convert text+shape. This is something that you cannot do with the old productivity tools.

For the function search in Wolfram Alpha, you cannot access from S Note any more. But you can use this feature in S Finder. In other words, if you want to search a function in Wolfram Alpha, you can simply write the function in S Finder and you can get the search results from Wolfram Alpha.

2. Select and format
Formatting S Note  used to be a tedious task in creating a S Note (you may refer to this video on typesetting/formatting on the old S Note) . There are quite a few useful functions buried here and there in the old S Note.

In the new S Note in Galaxy Note 3, formatting S Note becomes easier. You just select the range to be formatted use the select function, then tap properties. All the typesetting settings are there now.

3. Easy chart
Easy chart is a  new feature. It lets you create charts and graphs quickly and easily using S Note.

You can create tables, line charts,  bar charts, and pie charts with easy chart, which can be accessed from insert button (bottom left). It is also very easy to edit the chart.

Easy chart is one of the most polished features in S Note. For Galaxy Note or Note II users, it should be quite straightforward. A lot of  Samsung device owners complain about bling-bling features in its high-end smartphones. Easy chart definitely does not belong to this category.

4. Line Eraser (erase the whole line)
In the old S Note, eraser is just a eraser: it clears the area it passes. Of course, you can define the thickness of the eraser just like that in many photo/image editing apps.

In  the new S Note in Galaxy Note 3, the eraser has additional function: line eraser. It can erase the who line with one tap. The line eraser can also clean your S Note line by line.

A lot of S Note heavy users will find this function is extremely handy.

5. Searchable S Notes
Now, you can search your S Notes in Galaxy Note 3. The search covers tags and contents of the notes.

This actually is a feature of S Finder, which allows you search almost everything in your Galaxy Note 3. Of course, you can limit the search to S Notes only, and limit the date range as well.  It seems the S Finder does cover a blind area of Google search.

6. Full screen by default
5.7″ is not so large when you take notes. The new S Note give you more working space.  S Note  in Galaxy Note 3 now works on full screen by default. The toolbar also shrinks to one line.

You can even hide the one-line toolbar to get really full screen for your S Note. The gesture for hiding the toolbar is a bit nerdy. You need touch the screen with 3 fingers and spreading them apart.

7. Landscape  template
Although you still cannot create your own template with other apps or tools, there are more templates to choose from for your S Note in your Galaxy Note 3.  As many S Note users noticed, the templates in the old S Note are for portrait mode.  When you use S Note in landscape mode, the S Note looks less impressive.

In the new S Note, there are some landscape templates. They are especially useful if you want to export the S Note as an image for a PowerPoint slide. Of course,  Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition owners will use these templates more frequently than Note 3 owners.

8. Preview S Note
When you open the new S Note in your Galaxy Note 3, you can now preview existing S Notes by just dragging  the cover down a bit with your S Pen. You can preview all pages of the S Note without opening it. Of course, you can tap any pages to open the S Note.

9. Default template and default cover
Another nice feature I like is the default feature and default template. In the old S Note, when you create a new S Note, you have to pick a template. For occasional users, it is not a big issue. But for heavy users, this can be annoying.

In the new S Note in Galaxy Note 3, by default, a default template and a default template is used. So, it is not necessary to select template every time when you want to create a new S Note.  For new users, this may cause minor inconvenience.

10. Insert from scrapbook
Scrapbook is a new and exciting  feature in Galaxy Note 3.  It is essentially your own digital collection of  contents from webpages, videos and many other sources on your Galaxy Note 3. You may refer to Galaxy Note 3 online user manual page to know more about scrapbook.

The better thing is that the new S Note can use all items in your scrapbook in your Galaxy Note 3.
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Galaxy Note 3: Air Command Explained
Among the new features in Galaxy Note 3, Air Command probably is the most impressive one.  Our beloved S Pen gets a new life in the Note 3.

When you  hover the S Pen  over the screen and then press the button on the S-Pen, you will immediately get  a palette-like menu with five available actions.  The Air Command works like a context menu in most systems.

There are five available actions (or quick commands) in Air Command: Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder, Pen Window.

Although Air Command may have many usages, you may find that it makes note-taking extremely easy, quick and enjoyable.

Action Memo
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