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No Delays! Express Business Services!
No Delays! Express Business Services!


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Which Is Better? A PVC or an Iron Pipe?

#PVC #IronPipe #AirComfort
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Planning on Getting a Walk-In Freezer or Cooler for Your Shop?

Many cafeterias and restaurants rely on a trusty cooler or freezer to keep their ingredients fresh for cooking.

Before the actual installation, you should also think about the:
 1. Location of the box.
 2. Amount of storage space it should contain.
 3. Type of refrigeration system.
 4. Amenities and features.
 5. And of course, the quality.

If you're unsure about some items regarding the installation and service, you can always ask advice from the professionals and HVAC specialists.

#WalkInCoolingStorage #AirComfort
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5 Short Facts About Boilers

1. It helps you save money on heating costs.
2. It doesn't make any distinct smell you can notice.
3. Boilers don't actually boil water, but older models did.
4. You can more efficiently regulate temperature during winter with the help of a boiler system.
5. The color of the flame indicates how well the fuel is being burned to provide radiant heat.

#Boilers #5Facts #AirComfort
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We Know You Need Things Fixed Right Away

That's why Air Comfort Technology, LLC makes an effort to provide express service to make sure your home or business isn't jeopardized.

#FixedRightAway #ExpressService #AirComfort
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5 Things You Can Avoid with a Good Drainage System

Years of hard work go into the money we pay for our houses. Don't let all your effort go to waste all because of a bad drainage system that can, and will:

1. Damage to your building's foundation and landscape design caused by saturated soil
2. Insinuate mold growth which can lead to respiratory conditions
3. Become the cause of a termite infestation.
4. Lead to flooding
5. Discolor concrete, wood, and brick.

To be sure about installation and repairs, get professionals to keep your investments sturdy through the years.

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3 Main Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

Aside from regulating the temperature and providing comfort, central air conditioning systems also:
1. Help you enjoy your movies and sleeping time better since it hardly makes any noise!
2. Makes your home look more spacious since it doesn't occupy much indoor space.
3. Adds market value to your home, making it a resalable investment!

#CentralAirConditioning #Benefits
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Need to Have Leaks Fixed?

Wait no longer.

Air Comfort Technology, LLC responds to emergency requests accordingly. We have a standby team always at the ready to answer your needs.

#LeaksFixed #EmergencyRequests
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How Long Can You Benefit From a Water Heater?

Water heaters keep baths and showers comfortable by easing the temperature into what's okay for us.

When a water heater is properly installed and maintained, it can last for as long as 8 to 13 years! Isn’t that amazing?

But how would you know if you need to replace the one that you have now? You should consider getting a new one if:
1. You notice leaks.
2. You hear some weird popping noises.
3. There is moisture or some puddles forming at the bottom of the water heater.

#WaterHeater #Benefit
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4 Signs That You Are in Need of a Dehumidifier

1. You've noticed some dark and moist stains on your walls or ceiling.
2. You've observed some mold growth on your walls or in areas of the house that is often moist.
3. You have books and important paperwork you can’t risk to get damaged.
4. Your home has a lingering musty odor.

#dehumidifier #Signs
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Service, Repair, Installation? We got it.

Air Comfort Technology, LLC offers services for residential homes and commercial properties as well. We're that flexible! Not only that, we also provide immediate response to make sure your establishment stays safe from damage.

#Repair #Installation
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