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Better have a heat sink on that thing with all those energy weapons! Man I always hate that heat management part of the game... tho it's easier when you're playing tabletop.

Wow, I really am high on the bell curve of nerdery, aren't I. GLORY
Bah, heat sinks are for pansies. Find a puddle and flush more coolant.
Stand still for a turn?! You crazy, mon!
You put the whole comic on here? Doesn't that take away from your ad revenue? 
It's a link to the site, so if you click it you'll go to the QC site. :)
No ads for the iPhone though. Thanks Jeph, you let me read the comic when my Internet is down in the mornings. 
+1 for the BattleTech reference
by the way - thank you for posting your new comics to G+ this is actually a much better notification method for me when I forget to check.
ya I was like ... I dont know that class and started looking ...the closes i could get was BLR-3M Battlemaster still looking throw my teck readouts
I'm really enjoying the Deathmole music. Thanks for linking it!
I never put these two together before now, but doesn't 'Deathmole' sort of sound like a melanoma?
Deathmole: Anyone whose name is written on this mole will die.
I always read Deathmole a sa delicious Mexican dish that is so good it will kill you.
your comic is my favorite out there. closely followed by a pair of Blind Ferret comics (LICD and LFG)
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