Another country bites the dust: LG won’t distribute the Nexus 4 in Italy

A few weeks ago I wrote here about the frustration and uncertainty over the availability of the Nexus 4 in Italy After LG’s announcement that, despite initial plans, the product won’t be available in Belgium and The Netherlands, it’s now Italy’s turn for LG's backpedaling. In an official tweet LG Italy stated:

“[...] desideriamo informarti che LG Electronics Italia non distribuirà lo smartphone Nexus 4 sul mercato italiano” ([...] we wish to inform you that LG Electronics Italy will not distribute the Nexus 4 smartphone to the Italian market)

The increased product demand from European countries where the Nexus 4 won’t be evailable will further strain the already limited supplies of countries where it is officially distributed by Google or other retailers.

This is the worst product launch in the history of Google, hands down.

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