Google Play Books: the world largest selection of ebooks?

Google Play Books claims to have “the world largest selection of ebooks”:

My experience suggests the Play Books selection may be a little more limited. I did a quick check and I bought 53 ebooks at Amazon since July 2010, 23 of which self-published by indie authors.

Only 8 of the 53 ebooks I bought at Amazon are also available at Play Books, none of which self-published. Even many titles of major publishers are missing from Play Books.

Google has still a long way to go to attract traditional publishers, indie authors, and readers. As much as I love Google, I have to buy most of my ebooks elsewhere.

Some time ago I asked Smashwords founder +Mark Coker why he doesn’t mention Google as a potential digital publishing player, its issues as a distribution partner, a self-publishing platform, and Android as a player in the tablet market: Here is Mark’s reply:

I’d appreciate the opinion on Play Books of +David Gaughran as a self-published indie author.
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