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Your Favorite Shade of Gray
Dear you, I still remember the moment when you took me to your grandparents's place at the countryside on last holiday. I remember you held my hand tight along the way. Your hand is strong but astonishingly soft and warm. You never let go of my hand and you...

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I am standing still in front of my tall mirror. I stare at my reflection from the tip of my head to the tip of my feet. And then I start crying. It's not beautiful, though, both of my cry and what I see in front of me. I cry like a mix of a horse and a chil...

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Jika Kau Ingin Menangis
Jika kau ingin menangis, jangan izinkan orang melihat Jika kau ingin menangis, hiruplah napas dalam-dalam redakan panas yang membara di dadamu biarlah udara menenangkan gemetarmu Jika kau ingin menangis, tutuplah mulutmu rapat-rapat jangan biarkan sendumu k...

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Now I Realized
Now I realized that it's okay to be sad. It's okay to cry. Cry a river if you want to. Now I realized that it's okay to be alone. It's okay to wandering around your campus after you finish your classes, going through many faculties, to their canteens; or to...

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How Zenius Changed Me
Iya lo gak salah liat, ini blog emang gak pernah keurus, post terakhir aja tahun 2013 hahaha :') but starting from now I'm trying to post more regularly. Sebelumnya, hai! Nama gue Stefyana Hernawati, biasa dipanggil Efy atau Stefy. Gue mau sharing soal peng...
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