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Wine Dharma

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Gewurztraminer: grape of the day!
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Wine Dharma

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Rabaton #ricettadinatale  
Buon giorno cari amici golosi. Oggi il nostro viaggio culinario ci porta in #Piemonte, patria di grandi vini e piatti strepitosi. Ecco una ricetta storica: Rabaton di ricotta e spinaci. La #ricetta perfetta per le festività: facile, veloce deliziosa. 
#ricetta   #rabaton   #cheeseporn
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Wine Dharma

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How to make a gorgeous Yin Yang Martini with cake vodka, white Creme de Cacao and chocolate liqueur.
#recipes   #cocktails  
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Tasting Villa Zarri delicious #brandy: tasting notes, photo, pairings, a delicious trip among the barrels!
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If you like chocolate this is your heaven! Ying & Yang cocktail:
#cocktailrecipe   #recipeoftheday   #martini
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Wine Dharma

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Happy new year, Cosmo Time!
Buona anno a tutti. Fate i bravi questa sera! Vi lascio con un Cosmo, tanto per partire con il piglio giusto!
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Wine Dharma

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My preciousss!
Buon giorno amici, oggi sole a catinelle che è uno spettacolo, per partire alla grande ecco la ricetta dei Brownies americani!
#ricetta   #brownies   #cioccolato
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Buon giorno jj!!!! +Jaqueline Oliveira 
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Wine is the mirror of man: wine for thought
Wine Dharma is a cultural association created from the passion for Italy, wines and travel. The ultimate goal of the Association is to understand and share knowledge about the richness of the Italian terroir, exchange ideas, worlds, people. 

We provide wine tours, courses and tastings, walks through the vineyards, face to face with winemakers to learn all about wine and its great heritage. 

You will also find a guide, with detailed tasting notes and pictures, of the wineries that we visited, and whose production we believe in line with our principles and with our idea of wine: honesty, native grapes and stick-to-the-terroir. We gave preference to small wineries pursuing a production that points to the quality and development of the territory, but that hardly would be able to cross the borders of their region. This is our aim, to uncover these treasures, to create a connection between producers and consumers, because we want to offer you a real producers market, where you can find artisanal, organic and good quality wines and food like Parmigiano cheese and balsamic vinegar of Modena. The concept is simple, we aim to create a short, healthy food and wine supply chain with small wineries and producers, which otherwise you would never have heard of.

Follow our web magazine: we will give you an insight about Wine, Italian and foreign grapes, pairing between food and wine, cheeses, Asian food, especially Korean dishes, organic food and handmade products like cold cuts, charcuterie (Parma Ham and Culatello) and food delicacies. 

There are some interviews with the winegrowers too. We prefer small, high quality producers that love their terroir and have something real and tasty to tell, not the big marketing behemoth.

If you want to learn how to recognize all the grapes and to pair them with the best Italian recipes follow us on our site!