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Amy Huber
Compulsive DIY-er, wife to a patient man, 'Mama' to a 3 year old puppy dog, Hokie, engineer, resident of Amish country, sinner saved by grace.
Compulsive DIY-er, wife to a patient man, 'Mama' to a 3 year old puppy dog, Hokie, engineer, resident of Amish country, sinner saved by grace.

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On to the Next Project
It feels like we had a lot going on in the second half of 2016. At work, with family, and at home. My mind is always working when it comes to the house, but with our busy schedule and some major house repairs in the forecast, I was hesitant to spend money o...

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Better Late Than Never? (Christmas 2016, Outdoors)
So... This post is way late.  These were my Christmas decorations for the exterior of my house, but let's just call them winter decorations, ok?  Most of them will carry through the winter just fine, and will keep my front entry from looking totally bleak, ...

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Kitchen Refresh
Working on my house is mostly fun for me, but I think the hardest part is knowing what to do when.  Like this typical train of thought: This is probably not our "forever" home.  So why bother doing more than regular maintenance?  But it needs work. I could ...

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Christmas 2016, Indoors
Hey Friends! Hope you had a great, restful Thanksgiving weekend.  We were thankful for a little bit of time at home to relax, along with visiting with family.  Four day weekends are just awesome. While I was prepping for Thanksgiving last week, I had one of...

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Keeping Herbs Year Round
Hey Everyone! My full time job has kept me from finishing anything really significant around the house, but I did get a small project done: Bringing some herbs inside to (hopefully) keep going over the winter.  Back in September, I saw this idea on Chris Lo...

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Front Door Refresh
It's probably rude or something to drop off the blog world for a couple months, and then show up with a baby post, buuuut here I am. Our front door gets intense afternoon sun, and so it needs to be repainted every few years.  I had repainted it a slightly d...

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On the Deck: Shade Cloth to Keep it Cool
I know people say that life slows down in Summer, but I think it's the opposite for us.  The last couple months have been a total blur.  Maybe it only slows down for people with school-age kids and teachers?  I hope some of you out there are enjoying some p...

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On the Deck: Plants Are a Must
As I introduced last week , after years of planning and construction (in 2 phases!), we are really excited to have a fully functional deck.  I don't have all of my "deck projects" finished, but it is at least at the point where I can sit out there and final...

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A Solution to a Tiny Garage
Hi Friends! Ok, this post doesn't have any inspiring DIY projects, or great before and after photos, but it does have some practical, reality-of-not-living-in-a-mansion thoughts about how to make our house work for us.  Maybe a few of you out there can rela...

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Deck - Part II
OK friends, this one is big.  At least to me.  We can finally call our deck, at least the structure, finished.  *Sigh of relief* In case you haven't been following along, here is what we started with: Old, worn out, and in some cases improperly built.  Back...
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