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Andrew Crawford
A Christian Gamer, Writer, and Minister
A Christian Gamer, Writer, and Minister


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Freedom in Joy  Sometimes you're blessed. Sometimes you're lucky. Sometimes, you're both of those things in spite of how badly some people want to mess it up for you . Sometimes, when it seems like everything in life wants to hold you down, you just can't h...

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Hollywood and Entertainment Socialism
"Give Elsa a girlfriend!" "Have Cap and Bucky be a couple!" "Make Link into a girl!" These are all things that have come into mainstream consciousness (and across my news feed) over the past few months and they are all a part of what seems to be an emerging...

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"Captain America: Civil War" and the Divided States of America
Civil wars are the perfect subjects for the dramatic arts. The sundering of unity and the turning of friend on friend is exactly the sort of thing that makes directors and authors drool. It's heart rending, it's tense, it's emotional, and the losses in the ...

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"Killian's Fall" (Sneak Preview)
Working through the first draft of a book I'm writing, tentatively entitled "Killian's Fall". Here is a sneak preview from my work so far. ~ The distant stars twinkled and a gentle breeze blew through the dark as Killian kept his eyes and ears open. Trouble...

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Nothing Left Unsaid (Harry Potter fanfiction)
My story, so of course it's used by permission. Wanted to share it! Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter and all it's characters and such. ~ It was a dark night in Godric’s Hollow. The rain
beat mercilessly down onto the pavement, forming puddles and ...

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A Love Letter to my One True Pairing (It's all about the Harmony)
I know I'm years too late. I know that it's over and has been over for years. I also don't care. I'm coming to the close of my third journey all the way through the Harry Potter books and this time I'm even watching the movies for the first time. I've been ...

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Is Destiny the Warhammer 40k MMO We Always Wanted?
Don't get me wrong: I LOVE DESTINY. Bungie has really done it again in my book with Destiny. It's a fantastic game that has me totally engrossed. Really cool weapons, classes, missions, story, and enemies. Let's talk about those enemies though. Anything str...

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Robin Williams Helped Save My Life
Robin Williams is an exception to the rule about celebrity deaths being stunning. Being stunned by Robin Williams' death has very little to do with his talent as an actor or comedian (which speaks for itself), but has a lot more to do with the fact that Wil...

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A Millennial, his Bible, and the Capitol Building
At the moment I'm writing this, my family and I are slowly making our way back down the eastern seaboard. Over a week ago we left our home in Yulee, Florida to make our way to Acadia National Park in Maine. One the way we stopped in a few places, but the hi...

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Humanism vs Reality in "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing"
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing was one of my favorite shows growing up. To a pre-teen boy a show that was loaded with giant robotic suits fighting each other in large battles every week was precisely the kind of show to grab and hold my attention. Even now that I'...
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