Why Google+ is not a social network

The point has been raised quite a bit recently and pretty much since google+ started that it's dead, a ghost town etc. The curious thing, the people making such claims don't use the main selling points of the service let alone even understand what google+ is.

This is partly +Google's fault in how it's being marketed but to me the marketing that matters is the service being used to bring about social change and promote discussions in a way that wasn't possible before. I would like to know if anyone who is making accusations watched the Debate on should we end the war on drugs using google+ hangouts?

Imagine if during these political debates in the state, we could hear from people through a hangout ? Imagine if we the people expected politicians to answer direct questions from every day people? Just imagine...

In closing, we consider facebook to be a social network because it coined the term for many, but think if we had to define a social network which would be more social? The one which pushes you to meet new people, have conversations that spread ideas and transcend boundaries or the one that keeps in contact with people you already know / see on a regular basis ? To me that's an obvious answer...

One last thing... I moved away from my own country because early on in the days of google+ i met some incredible, like-minded people who had a similar vision for the future and shared my enthusiasm and asked me to move 3000 miles away to start a company. I without hesitation started planning the next day and have been here for the last 4 months and it has changed my life forever and for the better. That would never have happened on facebook because the technology to meet people in an organic way that lends itself to long lasting strong friendships doesn't exist on other networks.


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