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Tim Bull
Startup co-founder, building
Startup co-founder, building

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Fun Photos for New Google+ Members & Fanboys:)

Huh. Twitter just went "boom". Google Plus is still up though. Maybe I'll start sharing here instead :-)

I think that sums up Google Plus Vs. Facebook for me. My Family circle is empty on Google Plus. Actually that's a good thing :-)

Click on gear (top right), click on Google+ Settings, click on (uncheck) "Email me when someone adds me to a Cricle". Peace and quiet resumes.

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Moz is running a test of the impact of Google+ on discovery and ranking of new URLs. If you could help out by sharing this link on Google+ (in whatever format you'd prefer) but please NO TWEETING / FACEBOOK / LINKING / etc. that would be fantastic. The more help we can get the better.

Portly Domesticus Connochaetes is the phrase and here's the URL to share:

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In case of fire, please exit the building before tweeting about it.

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This is pretty funny
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