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Manfrotto vs Crumpler: longivety or not?
Anoter long, long test, but this time for bags: Manfrotto vs Crumpler. For the last 5-6 years, I used what are primarily camera bags as my day-to-day bags, and of course, I could not have done so without coming to some conclusions. I'll just state this in a...

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Pokemon Go Map HowTo
Yes, I did get the Pokemon GO fever, and yes, I hate the 3-step bug. It doesn't even show you which one is the closest! And even when it worked, you really should at least have a better way to triangulate the pokemon. Anyway, here is a quick guide to how to...

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Amplifying problems
Problems, problems, problems. Namely, you can't really get a decent amplifier cheap like we used to. But let me get into my setup and the problems that led to this realization first! My setup I currently have a Creative/Cambridge Soundworks Megaworks 5.1 TH...

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Marvel: Unlimited Inconvenience
Marvel has a $.99/1st month special  till the 29th, and as a user of Comixology , I thought I would give it a try. Spoiler: it didn't turn out to be that great. Thousands of comics But let's start at what was great: the value. 15 000 comics for a month for ...

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Gépházteszt apró home servernek...
Fractal Design Node 304
Fractal Design is one of the better sounding names of high-end computer cases, but my first case by them didn't really encourage any further purchases from them.

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After a Raspberry Pi and the afterlife of Google Reader
Since I first discovered it, I was one of the heavyweight users of Google Reader. So after we (as in: a great number of journalists and other heavyweight users) all got shafted by Google, I had to go and look for an alternative. After all, while you can man...

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Töltse le mindenki, mielőtt végleg eltávozik a honlap...

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Keyboards: a thousand papercuts
When you spend most of your life hitting away at a couple of keys, you might start developing some expectations: minimal downtime, feel of keys, sound, maybe even extra macros. Then reality hits. I'm not really a stranger to "high-end" keyboards. I've used ...

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