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Louise Ankers
Not a girl who misses much...
Not a girl who misses much...


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A Very British Brexit?
Perfidious Albion - that's what they call us. Content to say one thing and do another, it's a particularly wounding nickname for a country that considers aspects such as "a gentleman's word is his bond" to be articles of faith*. When thinking about my count...

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Emotions in Politics and Brexit
Today I return to a subject that I have discussed before,
that of Emotions in Politics, with some of my previous posts on this subject
here, here and hear. However I am interested today in how it impacts the
strongest political issue of our times, namely Br...

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What a colossal waste of time Brexit is
My fundamental problem with Brexit is not really that people were lied to in the Referendum or really that the other side "won", though I would rather both of those things hadn't happened.   My biggest problem is that it's a huge waste of time of the Govern...

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Living Lives of Quiet Desperation...
I, like many others, was very struck by the recent YouGov Poll outlining that a majority of over 65 Leave voters think their family losing their jobs is an adequate price to pay for Brexit. God knows what dreams they have about the benefits of Brexit, but i...

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Big Ideas Notebook
I have a notebook called "Big Ideas". I didn't actually mean to buy a notebook called Big Ideas - I was looking for something to write revision notes in for my Open University exam in June, and picked up a packet of three and one of them came with the front...

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How to Kill a Brexit
I don’t want to make a prediction, because as we all know the volatility
of our current political situation and the multi-level constitutional crises
that last years Brexit vote brought on leads to a lot of egg on a lot of faces,
however there are a few obs...

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Snap General Election
I thought it best to write a short post about the snap General Election, given I won't be able to write that many posts throughout it. I've got some Open Uni work on the go plus working 4 days a week plus a toddler to brin up so I generally don't have that ...

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Brexit - Free Movement of People Extended - BINO?
I’m wary of putting too much hope in this government, but
post Article 50 being triggered, the government seems to be executing a pivot
towards policies which seem sensible. Theresa May has indicated that for an “implementation period”
the free movement of ...

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I pay for journalism. Here's what I want in return....
I don’t want to link to any of the stuff, but there was a kerfuffle
over the weekend on Twitter about journalism and ethics. One senior journalist
decided to lay into a political party’s press operation, and a more junior
journalist criticised this in publi...

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On Only Retweeting Women Of Colour in Black History Month
After seeing a tweet which I now cannot find urging me to only retweet Women of Colour for Black History Month, I tried it out.   I learnt:    I do not follow enough Women of Colour, so I asked for recommendations and now follow some superb women, examples ...
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