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I no longer use this Google+ profile and have moved here:
I no longer use this Google+ profile and have moved here:


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Look for the cloud to shake up industries beyond IT.
Lots of people think that the Cloud will cause a competitive shakeup among enterprise IT vendors. Will it also shake up 'old economy' industries -- those that buy IT instead of selling it? In a new post, I argue that if history is any guide, this will in fact be the case.

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There is a lot of discussion on the value of big data analytics, including this McKinsey Quarterly report referenced on the Mosi Systems blog:

Deloitte takes a sober look at big data to question whether there is any there there. I think my bias is obvious, so I will let you read for yourself.
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Your business generates a tremendous and growing amount of data. If you could decode it all, you could be sitting on a significant competitive advantage. And yet there’s a growing chorus of business leaders who claim that by focusing on big data – datasets that are very large, highly complex, or both – companies could be missing out on other, more immediate opportunities.

Is big data just a big distraction? In the race to get more value from business information, is “big data” worth the trouble?

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Still waiting for the ability to post to Google+ from other apps. Just heard on This Week in Google that G+ API is read-only. Lame.

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This article by Kashmir Hill does a decent job of establishing the nuance between employees of companies establishing a professional identity/thought leadership and protecting firm information without necessarily hitting readers over the head with that. One question I have is if a general audience needs to be hit over the head with the notion of a balance. What do those assembled here think of the subject?

Nits to pick: I'm always wary that media conflate "corporate espionage" with "competitive intelligence;" they are not equivalent terms. Second nit is that I work for "Ernst & Young" as opposed to "Ernst Young."

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I love this post. In the last several years I've observed some very real bad behavior by sales reps:
- Blocking your originating phone number.
- Calling and leaving scripted voice mail messages again and again even after I've asked you not to do that multiple times. Note to sales reps: anyone under the age of 30 probably hates voice mail with a passion. Like me.
- Sending me unsolicited calendar invites for meetings.

However, as someone versed in the ways of the pivot table, I probably CAN make a spreadsheet that tells you you're being an ass.

OK, the ability to search Google+ posts... is... NICE! Now, can I create RSS feeds of my searches, my stream, etc?

Whatever Google+ changed they fracked with my ability to use multiple accounts. I have to trick my browser into letting me see my G+ stream.
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