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Life is a struggle to be strong and to fight it for them live as well.
Life is a challenge to him to challenge you to live it as well.
Life is luck to Be zjuar to win it and to live it as good.
Life is full of pain and joy to be strong for you to live it as it comes Sjø.
Jetaeshte a gift that God has given you to live it for it to live and enjoy it until the last day and time for the LORD has given you so LIFE

Jeta eshte lufte ndaj ti behu i forte dhe luftoje ate per ta jetuar sa me mire .
Jeta eshte sfid ndaj ti sfidoje ate per ta jetuar ate sa me mire .
Jeta eshte fat ndaj ti behu i zjuar per ta fituar ate e per ta jetuar sa me mir .
Jeta ka plot dhimbje dhe gezime ndaj ti behu i fort per ta jetuar ate ashtu sic sjo vjen .
Jetaeshte nje dhurat qe ZOTI ta ka dhuruar ate per ta jetuar ate ndaj jetoje dhe shijoje ate deri ne diten dhe momentin e fundit sepse ZOTI prandaj ta ka dhuruar JETEN
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