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Jonathan Killstring
Hi! Did we just become Great Friends?
Hi! Did we just become Great Friends?

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Open Beta is coming! Help Mike (and myself!) make the coolest game possible!
In case you missed it the first time:

If you are interested in getting an early look at Strands of Fate 2e, and getting an opportunity to provide feedback and potentially shape the game's development, now's your chance.

Sign up for the Beta. At this stage, everyone who signs up gets it.

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Blarg! In which I attempt to play a game that I avoided for content, rather than gameplay reasons. I really want to like it!

Do I? Find out inside.

Still not really in a "soldier on" kinda place, but trying to inject tolerance, acceptance, and diversity into my work in all forms.

I control so very, very little. But the things that are in my hands, well. I can examine them. I can listen. I can make what I do touch better, however slightly.

I can listen.

I'm a 6'3, light-skinned cis male in not-dreadful shape. That opens a lot of doors; doors that I walk through without really thinking about. I haven't had to worry about threats to my physical safety the way that others have. I lived in neighborhoods that were warm, caring, and absolutely friendly - until I went on a date with a POC there, then I got to see it.

I get to play on easy mode.

And I forget that sometimes. I don't ask questions, because they don't occur to me. I don't always see bigotry, because it's not usually happening to me. When it does, I freak out (who likes being accosted by neo-nazis? Who likes homophobes with knives?) but it happens so rarely, that these events get relegated to now-interesting stories.

Look, I live in an incredibly liberal, ethnically diverse neighborhood, in one of the bluest cities in America. I don't have to deal with this crap on a regular basis.

But people do. And even if it's not in front of me, it's on me to see that, to not look away.

To listen.

So yeah, what can I do? I can seek out other perspectives. When I create art, I can damn well do my best to make it inclusive. I can listen to angry, frightened people, and not just tell them how angry and frightened I am. Just listen.

I can do that.

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I am still alive. As is the Blog of Doom!

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So, for those who have grown frustrated with me, for not disclosing the big project I was contributing to?

Strands of Fate. Second Edition.

Prepare yourself for Awesomeness.
So yeah, I guess I suck at taking time off. Instead, I started developing the second edition of Strands of Fate.

If that's something you might be interested in, hit up the link below to learn a little more.

Hey everybody, I'm going to be running a one-shot Mecha V. Kaiju game this Saturday.

Any thoughts, tips, etc.? Any impressions on the game?

Thanks :)

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The new Beats Antique album is what I imagine VaudeVille sounds like. :)

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Not a serious thing by any stretch, but it brings a smile to my face nonetheless.

Joan of Arc comics!

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Hello everybody! It's a blog post aimed at players (and GMs) about getting on the same page. Given the myriad options in SoF and Nova Praxis, I've always found that to be a critical part of getting a good game going, so I thought folks might find this interesting/useful.

RPGs are a team sport!

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Blog! Aimed at helping players (and GMs too!) get more success in the glorious team sport that is RPGs.

Not strictly Fate Core-related - system-agnostic in fact - but I thought the collaboration-focused ideas might be interesting to the Fate Core community, so here we are.

I'd love to do a series on this; more player-facing advice. Does anybody have any tips? Suggestions? Topics you'd like to see covered?

Other, more qualified writers you'd like to see tackle this? (We can always bother them together :P)
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