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We want to print your t-shirts. What do you need to make that happen?
We want to print your t-shirts. What do you need to make that happen?


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Some really good tips from one of our clients on using design comps and crowdsourcing to get quality designs if you don't have the skills.

To our graphic designer friends: We still love you but thought this may be helpful for some :)

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Here's the deal...

We want to do more than just print your t-shirts...that's merely our "function".

We want to create an awesome experience for you. In every dealing with our team. We want to solve your problems, help you succeed, make getting your t-shirts printed easy, help you reach your goals and dreams.

That's our focus. When you're dealing with us, your not ordering a commodity, rather embarking on a journey where we assess your needs, concerns, challenges, problems, goals and ideal outcomes and then offer solutions, advice, recommendations, value and experience.

We're not perfect at it but it's our only goal and we are working at improving and exceeding our own expectations every day.

So get in touch, we can't wait to do it for you!

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Here's what happened on my recent trip to Singapore...

We've Plussed ourselves!
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