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Someone, perhaps Lord Rayleigh or Lord Kelvin, said that without numbers it is art, not science.  I wish I had that quote.

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Hurricane Electric has a list of 1071 top level domain names.  I thought it might be interesting to have a TLD for the various Native American, or other indigenous groups.  I wonder what a good designation would be.

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Some ideals are deeply valued by Americans. One of them is equal protection under the law. Those places without equal protection are repugnant to us, to each of us, to all of us, to those like us. This ideal is so worthy, without it the value of life itself is compromised. It is an ideal captured in the behavior of fireman who strive to save anyone's house from fire, in the behavior of emergency room physicians who strive to save anyone who arrives, in the opinions of Judge Judy fans who want things put right, in our willingness to stand in line and wait our turn.  It is an ideal our veterans fight and die for, it is an ideal that we know we share with random people at a bus stop without speaking, it is a value over which the most cowardly among us are stirred into pre-action when violated, and the most valiant will stand alone in defiance of hoards. It is a value we can proudly embrace while far from home, among people who grew up elsewhere. Today is a good day to remember this.

I have gotten a few emails that all ask "Hello.  Your name aubrey.mcintosh?" and they are all from the domain

The from name is a plausible name, with some tracking numbers at the end.

I can't in any way figure how it can benefit someone else to ask this, or what database they might be building, or harm me to answer, but it seems a little off somehow.

I walked 3.5 miles this morning.

Lots of rain in Austin.  Lightning, and possibly tornadoes too.

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From a private communicated, unattributed:
"I am incredibly saddened that our public schools are spending time and resources on coaching students on taking tests rather than teaching them knowledge, attitudes, and skills that will better serve them and society."
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