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I think Joss should write and direct #episode7  . He's a giant geek, would handle the franchise in the only way it can be saved, and he's already got a strong relationship with Disney and their demanding-fan-base properties.

I'm not sure why people are so upset about #lucasfilm   acquisition by #disney  . It's not like Lucasfilm is a small, indie shop that has--historically, on its own--done amazing things with its flagship product. Or encourages fan generated content, or tolerates fair use copyright use. And it's not like Disney hasn't done some truly amazing things, copyright crap notwithstanding.

Gimme some party anthem suggestions. I don't just mean songs that are good for parties, but are specifically ABOUT parties or a party in particular. And are ALSO good for parties.

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Dear everyone I work with,

"EST" stands for "Eastern Standard Time", not "EaSTern". Right now we are on Daylight time. It's "EDT". Use it.

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Holy creepy.
EEEEEEEEEEEEEeekkkkkkkkkkkkk! This is NOT one of those videos where they throw in a screaming banshee at the end. It's just a very cool but freaky POV trick of the eye.

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Most sordid tale ever.
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