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STFU you detestable war criminal. You have some nerve.
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I agree with this 100%  :)
LoL.. I agree with this meme. haha. shitfuck.
I agree with you on this.. 
Talk about fucked up foreign policy! Rumsfield's wrote the book. You knew he'd have to make a fucking racist remark too. Murderous bag of shit!
Go back into hibernation, you ignoramus.....this ChickenHawk should be tried and convicted for High Crimes and Treason.....

If he's feeling guilty for the 186,000 deaths he's directly responsible for, maybe he should swallow a big handful of sleeping pills....
Would he be welcomed in any foreign country?
I saw another meme with this statement, but there was a follow up which said, "Has he forgotten he tried that and it didn't work!" And there was a picture of bush. I lol'd so hard!
Well put, since he is not only a war-criminal (and general asshole), he told our US military that, "You go to war with what you are given." Very easy to say when your dumbass is behind a desk and not engaging an enemy without proper armor.
He sent our boys to die on foreign soil. He didn't give a rats ass.
And he bullied our prime minister here in Australia to do the same.
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