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Also wants government to regulate vaginas. 
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+Tina Vigilante Yeah, I figured she did.  You're channel control !   (An old radio term I have not forgotten yet) HA 
Hmmm... hates government but wants government to inter vein...D'OH!
+Jackelyn Tildesley How those watermelon seeds tasting? Happily married with no kids! God is watching you!

+Jamie Murphy you are right my friend only a socialist can have a opinion so shut up and listen! 
I'm not sure how opposition to Tea Party rhetoric and positions can be construed as socialist or liberal. This post shows a common contradiction of more government regulation and less government. Pointing out this contradiction is simply normal. It says "think!" 
+Sascha Rodenberg The Tea Party are fascists created by the billionaire Koch brothers who want to buy up our country and turn it into a corporate Oligarchy. 
BTW: I also favor a government as small as possible. - They have the tendency to keep growing and not doing the best job possible. Many areas don't need so much governance. Plus, I don't like some government employee to have authority to tell me what I can and cannot do (I do follow the law, though). Some functions, only the government can perform.

Some critical functions only the government can perform but doesn't: assuring tomorrow's economic viability of the US. We have taken a hit here during the past, say, 25 years, maybe more. Economic viability can only be built on social fairness, environmental sustainability, high education levels (from blue-collar to executives), room for entrepreneurship, removal of non-value-added burdens from daily life (who really wants to hire a tax accountant?), and a functioning legal and physical infrastructure. In other words: supply side and demand side proponents have to work together on many tough and fundamental issues. Today, these two can't even pass a bill to assist veterans!

Instead, we're wasting time on Benghazi and Bridgegate... or on re-visiting olden-day questions like whether or not religion should be government-sanctioned... or... or... or...
+Sascha Rodenberg We need government and government regulations. I believe in everyone contributing to the common good. We don't need Oligarchs taking over America as they did at the turn of the century which eventually led to the great depression. We had no middle-class, no regulations, no unions, no worker safety standards, no sick time, no vacations, no minimum wage, no Social Security, no Medicare. No child labor laws. No clear air and water act. No EPA. Thankfully, unions and FDR came along and saved us. Government is not the bad guy. Corporate fascism is. 
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