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Moral abomination, I say.  The woman wants to commit genocide because it would be fun.
Ann Coulter just needs to die and increase the moral balance in the world.
+Jens Teodoridis She's been remarkably consistent. In 2001, she said there should be no troops in Afghanistan and the Middle East in general. We should just bomb the hell out it and turn it into parking lot. On another occasion, she repeated and supported a comment by another nutjob that essentially amounted to, in case of next terrorism act that's tied to Muslims, we nuke Mecca. Nuke North Korea? Just a small blip on the radar.
Unfathomable craziness, couched in some type of PSUEDO-intellectual packaging. I only watch her when Bill Maher has her on. Holy shit. 
I wouldn't mind as much if she was a crazy woman on the street corner that everyone ignored; the problem is people listen to her, they buy her books, they swear by her as if she had some sort of mystical quality.  I'm starting to be concerned that there are people who only care that she said something and do not judge for themselves the value/morality of the statement.
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