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French Soup Recipe in Urdu
French Soup فرنچ  سوپ  Ingredients                                            Quantity Makkhan                                       2 tbsp Safad mirach                                 1 tsp Chini                                             1 tbsp Medah    ...

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Shireen Anwar Biography
Shireen Anwar is a standout amongst the most prominent culinary expert on Masala channel, she is the host of cooking show Masala Morning. Her genuineness and respectfulness has made her a most loved of everybody. Albeit numerous individuals don't know howev...

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Karahi Tikka In Urdu
کڑاہی  تکہ  Karahi Tikka In Urdu – Karahi Tikka is exceptionally hot formula and scrumptious. Basically individuals like in supper and gathering event. Karahi Tikka formula is exceptionally solid and fans can attempt in home with Karahi Tikka In Urdu. Karah...

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Chef Mehboob Khan Biography
Mehboob Khan also called a Chef Mehboob is a Pakistani big name culinary specialist, TV character and cooking master. He is broadly known for his cooking shows Zauq Zindagiand Good Healthy Life on ARY Zauq. He has additionally a writer of cookbook Food for ...

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Fish Fry Recipe
Fish Fry Ingredients Machli 1 adad sabot Saf kerkey ket laga ker namak laga lain Ghee 4 khaney ke chamach Hari mirach 6 adad Lassan 4 adad Imli adhi piyali bhigo dain Zira 1 Chai ka chamach Ya sab pees ker chatni bana lain. Chatni seel per peesni  hai Terke...

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Chef Rahat Ali
Cooking expert Rahat is the most wanted cook in Pakistan and in addition all through the Asian nations. Her full name is Chef Rahat Ali. She is energetic about her positioning vocation which took her to the most abnormal amount in this calling. She is an ad...

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Chef Zakir Biography
Chef Zakir Biography Gourmet specialist Zakir Recipes are exceptionally well known in everywhere throughout the Pakistan, His ideal proportion of formula ingridents makes him destingish culinary specialist. His family fundamentally fits in with Bombay. Zaki...

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Sea Food Tempura by Naheed Ansari
Sea Food Tempura سی فوڈ تمپورہ  Sea Food Tempura Ingredients medah 3/4 cup Soda 1 chutki Machli 1 kilo Jhinge 1/2 kilo Namak 3/4 tea chamach Kali Mirach 3/4 tea chamach Gajer 2 adad Bengan 2 adad Andey ki zerdi 3 adad Bhindi 8-10 adad Thanda pani hasb e zar...

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Lab e Shireen Recipe By Sara Riaz
Lab e Shireen لب شیریں  Ingredients Doodh 1 se 1/2 liter Corn flour 4 khaney ke chamach Rangeen sawaiyan 1/2 cup Chini 1/2 cup Furite ka kateel 1 tin Lal sharbat 1/4 cup Hari jalee 1 pakit Lal jalee 1 pakit Pili jalee 1 pakit Katey badam 1 khaney ka chamach...

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Mutton Handi BonelessBone
Boneless Mutton Handi بونلسس مٹن ہانڈی  بونلسس مٹن ہانڈی  Ingredients Goosht 1 kilo Dahi 1 cup Piyaz 2 adad Lassan adrak ka pest 1/2 khaney ka chamach Timater 3 adad  Hari mirach bareek kati hoi 5 adad Limo 2 adad lal mirach 2 khaney ke chamach Haldi Cutki ...
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