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I know it's off-topic but this is bigger than a topic. Please watch and re-share.

EDIT: Talk about the Kony guy and not the KONY2012 campaign. Do not buy from the "invisible children" as it might be a shady organization.

In short: pay attention to the message and forget the messenger
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I know this Kony bloke is a complete scumbag, but if I see this video in my G+ stream one more time I might just explode. I must have seen it appear at least 30 times.

From what I have read

Joseph Kony is a nasty bastard scumbag;

Invisible children charity has dubious financial records;

There are more "trusting" charites to donate your money too;

If they have been working on this for as long as they say, why have they only created this video now. Surely they should have created it long ago. This video would have gone viral in any time.

Is this video a plan to drive certain people out of Uganda due to Oil reserves? -

The US has sent 100 Special Forces into Uganda to "advise", but they have no interest in Uganda oil? -

Answers on a postcard
I dont think this has anything to do with php. Is this another group which changes its name after some time and starts to feed my Google stream with spam? I just lost 30 mins of my life watching this shit.
+Štefan Kecskés you would have saved the 30 minutes if you read the first 5 words of the post.
No, this page will continue on PHP and not change its name.
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