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Our life lies between <?php and EOF
Our life lies between <?php and EOF

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Google App Engine PHP Runtime now available to everyone

PHP is one of the world’s most popular programming languages for web programming today. Since the runtime was launched at Google I/O earlier this year, thousands of developers around the world have started using App Engine for PHP, taking advantage App Engine’s legendary scalability and ease of use to run popular PHP products like phpMyAdmin, Drupal and phpBB and frameworks such as Laravel, Silex and CodeIgniter. And as you would expect, you can use Google APIs such as Drive and Google+ on App Engine. +PHP Developers 
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+PHP this makes no sense at all....

$str1 = "test";
$str2 = "1";
$num1 = 0;
$num2 = 1;

if (intval($str1) == $str1) {
  print $str1.' is an int ('.intval($str1).')'.PHP_EOL;
if (intval($str2) == $str2) {
  print $str2.' is an int ('.intval($str2).')'.PHP_EOL;
if (intval($num1) == $num1) {
  print $num1.' is an int ('.intval($num1).')'.PHP_EOL;
if (intval($num2) == $num2) {
  print $num2.' is an int ('.intval($num2).')'.PHP_EOL;

you might have thought that it would only say that the nums are integers right?... but no, this is the result:

test is an int (0)
1 is an int (1)
0 is an int (0)
1 is an int (1)

lets try this is javascript:
str1 = "test";
str2 = "1";

if (parseInt(str1) == str1) alert('yes ' + str1 + ' is an int'); else alert('no');
if (parseInt(str2) == str2) alert('yes ' + str2 + ' is an int'); else alert('no');

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Admin: And I feel exactly opposite for the same reasons. 

That sinking feeling when you see that in the next major upgrade of #PHP a massive number of functions will be deprecated, so a whole web app will need any references to functions changed. #notfun.

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+PHP Developers I'm looking for a skilled developer for a project.  Who knows php and is an expert with customizing Wordpress.  The person should also be strong with responsive websites, and javascript.  Email me

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#php 5.4.20 and 5.5.4 released!

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Hey guys what's up..
How do i develop an autoload image with php and Jquery

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PHP Job Interview Task Tutorial

In case you missed it, this here is a series about a PHP job interview task I did a while back. I turned it into a tutorial because it seemed like interesting content to share about object oriented programming in PHP.

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment on any of the posts if you deem something unclear or of questionable quality, and I'll do my best to address your concerns and confusions as soon as possible.

To stroll through the series, use the left menu. Part one is at the bottom.

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Installing Phalcon on GAE

The +Google App Engine feature request to install the +Phalcon PHP Framework has breached 200 votes. I'm trying to generate more awareness via a thread on +reddit, so if you'd like to voice your opinion about the matter or help things by upvoting, I'm disabling comments and linking to it.

Basically, if this request gets accepted, GAE will become the most powerful rapid web deployment platform in the world.

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"But another #PHP rule holds here too: there's usually a hack-ish workaround :)"

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+PHP +PHP Developers PHAR and performance anybody have some experience? 
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