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Fiona J (aka Green Loving Girl)
Green Loving Girl... what can I say, I love green!
Green Loving Girl... what can I say, I love green!

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New recipe on the blog! French tart complete with cheese and lardons... Mmmmmm...

#tart  #recipe #food  #cheese #french

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A secret on how to survive parenting...

I know Sundays are normally for my list of happy things via my 5 Petits Bonheurs posts, but truth is, I feel as though I’ve just about survived another week on this parenting journey. As such, I haven’t got a list for you today. But thought I would empty…
#parenting   #motherhood  +Courtney P.  #unmumsymum  

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a new mother? Green Loving Girl shares her guide on what presents to get for all women having just had a baby. #parenting   #newmum   #gift   #mothers  

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Claire and everyone else did such a beautiful job, my sister's wedding day was absolutely stunning!

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Mes 5 Petits Bonheurs de la semaine / Happy List of the week

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Monday Motherhood Musings... why the guilt!?

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Today on the blog, an easy tutorial for a DIY glitter dipped mug with sharpie design! Don't forget to share you designs here by copying me into your link and with the hashtag #greenlovinggirlDIY  

#DIY   #glitter   #sharpie  #mug 

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Looking to grow your audience for your blog? Join #amyscircleshare !
Hi Everyone - Our circle grew again.  Here is version 3/17/15. 
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In case you missed it, Monday's dose of happiness from Green Loving Girl
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