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Post has attachment has a free #iphone #app. The idea is to streamline your shopping experience with quick and easy to digest reviews for the best products.

Just added some new #camcorders  to the top 10 list:

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Want to record your #summer adventures? I'll help you find a waterproof and shockproof #camcorder .

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Just updated my Best Graphics Card list. Let me know if you are using any I chose.

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A great #summer  evening at the Chesapeake Bay near Cape Charles, Virginia.

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Shared Circles are new to me, but get to know them. See what you think.
Let's take it to No. 1 for the 4th week in a row people!!!

Last week's circles were an incredible success, both climbing to the top of with a combined 552 public shares so far!!! We have been on the top of the charts week after week and these are the people that have made it happen.

If you are in this circle, PLeaSe SHaRe iT!!! If you are not in this circle, the only way you will ever get in it is if you share my circles!

To be considered for future #CircleQueen circles, I am asking that you opt-in by joining my community:

I have included the top sharers from previous weeks in this circle and am certain that if they haven't already been included in many many more circles, they soon will be due to their outstanding efforts!

I ask that everyone included please share this circle today and possibly again later in the week so we can make it 4 weeks in a row as No. 1 on - and last week we had two circles on top!

I tried to include as many that shared or doubleshared last week's circles as I could, but I did delete those without profiles and those that I found offensive or to likely be spammers.

I have taken over as +Circle Master and our first circle is currently at No. 2 on You can help it get to the top by sharing it (link below). If you want to be included in +Circle Master circles, just follow the page and share some of the circles!

Circle Master Combo Circle

#circles   #sharedcircles   #publicsharedcircles   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circlequeen   #circlemaster  

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