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Our new password policy
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bre isms
Do you have it plugged in?
try turning it off then back on again
If I just put some संस्कृतम् in here, would it work?
or my dogs birthday and the first and last letters in his name..
What if it doesn't have "forgot your password" option ??
I give up. There should be company addressed passwords passed out secretly by HR written on the back of fake business cards. lol
Yup, sounds like where I work.  Funny too, any time it says either/or sometimes that means you have to have both, other times only one of the two.  
ROFL..YEEAA.. Would solve some problems..Then the servers will be flooded with " rest / forgot password" requests..
i can't get enough of this tv show, IT crowd...
Mike Baxa
What about the squirrel sounds? 
Or just reinstall the program +gayle noble!!
But have you tried turning it on and off again??
What About A Palindrome ....!!!!!
And this is how I discovered G+ does not support Hieroglyphic Unicode :/
I take the first letter from the words of one of my "private" favorite sayings and use that for my PW, I do more than that to it but thats enough for now....Well hell..I put numbers in the "odd" slots also.
I love The IT Crowd!!!  What does IT stands for?  the Internet Thing!  LMAO...
+Gourav Sahare Ahh but to re-install the program you have to be logged in. And the problem was they forgot their password, the system had no password recovery system, and thus they couldn't log in >*grin*<  Sort of a you can't get there from here even by turning it off and back on again - except if you can hack the command council >*evil grin*< 
Can't believe I just read all those comments. Nerd Alert.
Too bad that 40 GB wordlist has all that....
Ha! You find this on practically everything!
2-factor authentication is the way
You forgot the squirrel noises. No password is truly secure without one.
Really bizarre passwords, I would argue,can be LESS secure if you cannot type them smoothly and quickly. For resistance to the physical proximity hack, choose something long and obscure but still something you can enter at blinding speed! At least this applies for any password you may enter while others are around
It might be more secure but still it's getting more complicated.
Passwords do not have to be scrambled, random or long.. for example.. 'ILikeBeansOnToast' is actually very secure and memorable. 
That's just the password to access the security protocol prior to logging on.... Go nerds....!
I think I know somebody with one that meets this
You +Helen Hsu remind of episode in which Jen got an interview call from a company and she has to answer 'what does IT mean??'
'ILikeBeansOnToast' is no longer secure....I would change it
OR... Passwords can, instead of being a certain code, can be a certain keystroke order. For example, you must type "dog," erase it, then type "cat" before you can log in. 
Sanskrit hieroglyph? Good luck with that. Why not try an English hieroglyph instead?
You forgot needing a crowbar and fingerprint of GF ...
Just saw this in my post list, um....wasn't the fourth season the last, r am I missing something?
Hmm... that's getting challenging combined with a 30 day password changing rule and a non repeatable password for the last 25 versions.
Vodafone India has similar kind of password policy... I end up generating new password everytime I need to login.
and it must be translated into Klingon
Maximum protection is not an option...:D
Klingon is too easy - almost every geek in SF can read it.  Ferengi or vulkan will do.  
안녕하세요..이진희씨소개로 연락드립니다..
편한시간데 차나한잔...목동이 회사시면..저는 방화동이거든요..근처로 찿아뵙지요..
Tv show? Haven't heard of it. If so must check 
Yeah...I can work with that:


Crap!  Now you all know know my banking password.
Duhhhh......the sanskrit hieroglyph part is the best
password must contain your user id your telephone number and your address too :P ;)
sorry but I don't find this funny because it doesn't seem original... I heard this joke much before on Dilbert
Why Sanskrit hieroglyph?!?! Sanskrit has been a 'memory-only' language for a long time, and it has relatively new writing system.
Would have been a good joke if Sanskrit had hieroglyphics. Sanskrit has historically been written in several scripts most commonly and recently in Devnagari but never in hieroglyphs.
Some scholars consider Sanskrit the "mother tongue" of all.
Time to invent Sanskrit hieroglyph then?  (/  ए उ ए)/
haven't you heard? this is how we have to log on to the new Microsoft Windows 8
I think in this era there is hardly anyone who knows the purest of sanskrit. Only the pandits might know them. It is one of the oldest languages
Is the Windows have already this sanskrit hieroglyph on every Keyboard...?  :-)
Just make sure to keep it simple.
I usually pour a can of soda on the keyboard. Problem solved
Another thing added to the list of things to do on my last day of work :-) 
I'm sorry, you're new password cannot differ from the old one by a sanskrit hieroglyph that looks similar to two characters which it is replacing. You've used 1 of your 4 tires. अries left.
I see you've been to Diamond Lightsource then!
I think security is every mans business so keep your password well secured ok. I love u all.
Yea... it's secure! But even I can't get in! LOL
but 3 asterick's is a bad idea for a password.
LMFAO... Sanskrit does not have hieroglyph...  nonetheless... it is very funny...  
You know, just the requirement for the 3 digit prime number makes this completely crackable... Just saying :)
If we can use our own language, the password will be a lot more diverse and harder to hack!
why not make it easy and just use the complete number that's supposed to go with the symbol of pi?
How apt!  Just had this at work: We have been advised by Microsoft that Office 365 passwords will expire every 60 days.
how about;  Q13\!!~si?|:>!Ljgt#589`~|\-02/.,|"*()__+}{;"/.<P_+*(&>@3
this is my pass word.  QB6#&uoW♪hi*:)(:65♫rR  nobody can hack & i never remember too. LOL
Damn, that should be really unfair. I guess the best way to make passwords is to make up your own word that you cannot forget at any cost!
The best part is, following those instructions someone could brute force their way in faster than picking three five letter words. (Besides maybe the hieroglyphs)
Sanskrit is written in a sophisticated phonetic alphabet called Devanagari, too. No hieroglyphs.
...and the problem with that is?
its better not to create account then to do the same
This should be incorporated into every corporate IT policy...
We are filling up a group for Ethiopian Epiphany to be celebrated Jan 19  would you like to be part of this big event .get in touch with us
Xin Li
On the face of it, this sounds like a good password policy.  But if we look closer, these restrictions in fact make any valid password much weaker.  First, consider how many 3 digit prime numbers are there?  There are only 899 3-digit numbers in all.  And how many of those are prime? Certainly far less then 899.  For the sake of argument, let's say that number is 400.  Now given that there must be a 3 digit prime, we also know that 3 consecutive characters in your password must be numbers, and must be this prime.  Given that most passwords are no more than 8 characters long, this leaves us only 5 additional characters to guess in most cases.  
the sanskrit letter got me, unicode is awesome sometimes
india population burden world has to suffer!!
Ron A
i don't get it
Try turning it off and on..
look like i will have to request a new password every time i try to access my pc
I have had teachers ask if 1 was a number. I shudder to think what they would do with this.
what? no meso-american pictographs?
You mean you don't require your users to invent their own character set?
Ron A
i no 1 U.111B
so much rules and terms to know..??
That translates as"Password" unless I'm wrong which happens 100% of the time...
+Vilas Surutkar I don't really think any even number except 2 can be considered prime ;) Others at least managed to write odd numbers (truth, most of those mentioned above aren't prime either) ;)
If they ask for eight characters i usually opt for snow white and the seven dwarfs.
Sanskrit is a bare easy language...
I speak it all the time( in the Temple)
Input your password followed by the "any key". 
At last a sensible password policy
Oh umm ill be trashing my windows computer then!
no... it needs to tell you the instructions after you have typed a password in. And make it so complicated that you need to write it down on a post-it and stick to your computer monitor.
Sanskrit hieroglyph? Oh dear, how embarrassing. Piece of advice: leave languages, writing systems and linguistics to the people who know what they're talking about. Amateurs.
I love this show. Watching it right now! 
I want to post this on to corporate website so bad.
Unicodes does contain codepoints for Egyptian hieroglyphs. I prefer Linear B.
nice, you forgot logo or avatar
Doesn't it cross the line? So complicated.
What's the rate then?
it makes my password so secure, that I can't even remember what it is
Ko Ye
Thank yor for your lucky draw.
If the keyboard supports them. I for one vote for unicode characters e.g ಠ_ಠ
What a crazy conditions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But doesn't this make the password weak? You tell a hacker the subset from which he can choose
lol Better than pupil-recognition. They'll take off your eyes just to play solitaire in your computer .)
Thank God you don't also include the need to type some characters in Hebrew or Brahmi script.
Security question: what is your favorite 21-digit prime number?
sanskrit is mostly written with devanagari - syllabic writing system, so there's no hieroglyphs
I hope that the minimum password length is greater than 6 and something like 12 with this password policy. Otherwise it just made brute forcing a lot easier and the system a lot less safe...
Do not even suggest it - someone in IT will think it is a good idea :-) 
okey dokey A?300(a random hieroglyoph)
nice but complex me likes it ( ;
Wow I finde it hard to rememder myn sometimes 
And it can't match any password that anyone else has used before, ever.
So, Wut!577आ - That doesn't look very secure.
And I thought that "correct horse battery staple" would be secure-enough!
Any 3 digit number would be more secure.
my bank is FORCING me to change my password every 90 days, and it is something like the one in photo, very complex.. also, the new password must be DIFFERENT than the last 12 ones.. i am considering closing my account and moving to another bank, wtf
The new password policy to make you hit FORGET YOUR PASSWORD? in the next log in. 
+Tiberiu Stan  Solution - Remember one password and add the month & year at the end.  EG - password!1012 - next time password!0113, password!0413 etc.  
My keyboard doesn't come equipped with Sanskrit. Hold on whilst I buy an OLD one
i donno how to type in sanskrit
How are you even supposed to type Sanskrit?Where's the keyboard for that?
Huh.? You've got to be kidding me... anyway, that's funny, though, haha... :D
Unicode passwords are great!
That is an ideal password policy. Now only if I can get a wingding character in there I would be set. 
I changed all my passwords to 'incorrect'. So my computer just tells me when I forget.
thats gonna take me forever to think 
it also must change weekly and not contain any of the same characters from the previous 52 weeks.
Ryan Ng
It also must change daily, use different characters every weekly cycle, and contain a Cyrillic letter and a Greek letter.
how about a bagel with cream cheese while you're at
What an Idea sirji
its 99.99% hack-proof. (unless you're up against an uber-nerd)
Sanskrit dose not have hieroglyph. It is an alphabet based language like English.

Nice joke by the way.
Please do not use your 35 perviously used passwords
I am sorry, I only know Egyptian heiroglyphics.
This was one of the most friggin' hilarious shows I have ever seen.
Looks like you guys work for the same company as me then? :-)
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