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Spring Sports
Spring finally came. Even though it was still cold outside we couldn't be shut in any longer. We needed out. Rebecca decided that she wanted to try playing volleyball, so we signed her up for a rec league and she had a ton of fun. We all learned a lot, espe...

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The Heat is On!
With even the slightest hint of spring and a little warmer weather coming we got outside as soon as we could. Being cooped up all winter is no fun!       My parents came to town to help out with a little yard work, but there was more than a little. There's ...

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Welcome to Miami
The day after David's birthday my Lutheran Stud and I hopped on a red-eye flight to Florida where were met up with some dear friends who used to live in Colorado. The flight was long and exhausting. Did I mention that we arrived at 6am on a Sunday morning o...

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Foster Care Updates
As many of you know we've been foster parents for a few years now. We had a sibling group of three children in our home for two and half years. On Good Friday they moved to, hopefully, their forever home. That forever home is the home of some dear church fr...

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David's Birthday
Believe it or not this adorable little bundle of cuteness turned 9 years old on April 1st, no joke!        With baseball just getting under way we were running crazy getting 5 kids to their activities. We didn't get to celebrate David's birthday until late ...

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Easter crept up on us so quickly that it ended up being a pretty low key day. The big storm that blew through just a few days before Easter made it difficult to get out of the house and by the time Easter arrived there was still quite a bit of snow on the g...

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Spring Storms
Like I said in previous posts, winter seemed like it was never going to end. It did eventually end, but then the spring storms started. These storms weren't small either. Once one storm had passed through it wasn't but a few days later that another storm wa...

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Easter Eggs and Cookies
During Holy Week we decided that we needed to brighten things up from this dreary winter, so we invited some friends over to decorate cookies and dye Easter eggs. The kids had such a great time and our fridge was filled with hard-boiled eggs for days. We ha...

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      We got a short respite from the snow and a lot of it even melted. It was a good thing because my sweet little goddaughter came out from California for a little visit.       I also planted some garlic in the fall and noticed that it was starting to spr...

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Super Bowl in Seattle
Winter was starting to feel like it was never going to end and I kept getting bombarded with emails from the airline companies. I started shopping for airline tickets to warmer areas of the country. Then I came across tickets to Seattle. I checked them out ...
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