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I'm a nerd.
I'm a nerd.

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There's an update to the Python Google Assistant library, and I helped!
Today we have released version 0.0.3 of the Google Assistant Library for the Google Assistant SDK -

This library provides out-of-the-box support for hotwords, alarms and timers, audio recording and playback, and conversation state management. It uses the same state-of-the-art hotword models that the Google Home uses for high precision and low false trigger rates.

In version 0.0.3, we have now added x86_64 linux support, adding on to the existing armv7 linux support. If you need to use other platforms, the gRPC API is recommended.

This release also contains other fixes that are documented in the release notes

Join our G+ community at to discuss the Google Assistant SDK!

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Glass is coming back

After Google Glass ended their explorers program, there were many rumors about it being adopted in enterprise settings. It seems those rumors were true. It is being used in a few select companies, and now the product is planning to grow to even more companies.

Glass was always a nifty product, one without clear use cases. But AR has a lot of potential and it's great to see that being used to full effect to improve productivity 

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This is a brilliant video. It's a whole series too.

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This is a cool project. You can get art-on-demand for free. Text 57251 with a keyword. Ex. "Send me nature" and you'll get a nature painting.

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It's an amazing story. Some politician created forged documents from 2006 using the font Calibre, which wasn't used until 2007.

I can't think of a time when fonts were more powerful.

Always be sure to check the dates when fonts were created and used before you start forging documents.

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Have you bought your ticket yet?

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The Internet works best when nobody controls its flow. Let us have a say in the pipes we access.
Today is the day to #SAVETheNet. If you haven't yet, please share this link and take a minute or so to fill out the form if you can to stop the internet from being ruined by the US Government!

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Recent highlight was managing to melt through this sd card when writing to it from my computer. I'm not sure how it happened, and it never happened again.

Google Assistant has slowly been getting its own personality. Tonight I asked it to set a timer. Before it would just set the time and say that. Tonight, it said "Okay thirty two minutes... Starting now!"

It is a nice flair to the Assistant.
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