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LG G2 VS 980
Build from November 1st.
No EXPOSED or any of that stuff.

Guys I kinda need help, so, here's the problem, my carrier isn't the best when it comes to coverage, anyway, I went away today outside my city, and I lost signal, I was with some friends and I asked them for their SIM Card to try if the problem with the signal was my phone or my carrier, so I took away my SIM card, and then I put one of my friends with a different carrier, and I got signal, so I concluded that it was my carrier. Anyway, when I put my SIM card back in it didn't detect it anymore, I thought that it was because I was far from the city so I waited until I got home, and try it again, and still didn't detect any SIM card. I tried the basic stuff, like verifying that it was in correctly, put it in and out, rebooting the phone, or even ask my friend for their SIM card to see if it would detect it, but no matter what I did my phone doesn't detect the SIM card anymore.

Normally I would think that it was a hardware failure, but I had a similar experience before. I was using CM13 but it was a very old build far from being as stable as any EXODUS one. Upon installing that ROM on first boot I had to go really quick to settings and select manually the network, in order to be able to find my SIM. So anyway I had it for sometime and I change my old SIM for a 4G compatible and when I put the sim inside, no matter what I did, I wouldn't detect it. So I changed back to Android L and it worked fine, after some time I found EXODUS and it worked fine.

So I noticed that the solution was to change the ROM or the Build. Since I only download 1 Nughtly per month I thought that I just had to download a new NIghtly maybe from the 10th or 13th, but when I tried to download them on the updater it pops me with an error message (see image). This is new, so I don't know what to do... any help would be appreciate it...

See some pics

As you can see on the first one it simply says that I've got no signal on the status bar, bu even if I don't have the SIM in it says no signal.

On the second pic you see the error I got when I try to update to a newer NIghtly.

And on the third pic you see the menu on celular networks, it won't let me select anything because is not detecting my SIM.
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Woah! admins, I wanted to say thank you, this is the Nightly from October 1st, running on LG G2 (VS980), this divice is one year old at least (I'm the second owner). And it has a 3000mah battery, you guys are freaking wizards!, Don't know what you did in that Nightly or the ones before (I only install 1 nightly per month) but the battery life is beyond amazing, I've never even got 4 hours of screen before it was always around 3:40 or as low as 2:50 hours, but 5 hours, it doesn't even seem the same phone!

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Device: LG G2 VS980
Nightly: September 15th.
Xposed or any of that: Nope, just EXODUS.

Hey guys, got a question!. I don't know if is my device or anything else, but I'm not able to get LTE or 4G networks on the phone.

Actually I only get signal when I select GSM/WCDMA on Preferred Network Type under celular networks. I got 3G or H+. (as you can see on the first 2 pics)

When I select LTE, or Global or any of the other options I don't have any service at all.

Am I doing something wrong?.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your hardwork!, I love your ROM!

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Device: LG G2 VS980
ROM: nightly from September 15th.
No EXPOSED or anything else, just clean EXODUS

Quick question guys, I went out for a long time and my phone just died (ran out of battery to the point it turned itself off). So I got home and connected my phone to my charger, (The led is yellow indicating charging) after a while (around 30 min) I tried to see the progress and the screen just like blinked and a quick indicator said "Charging ??/100". I Figured it just didn't have enough battery to turned itself on again, so I leaved charging for like 40 minutes, and tried to power it on again and I got the same blinking screen with "Charging ??/100" again. Is this normal?

Just curious, the development team is getting close to an EXODUS snapshot?, I mean is it even necessary? at least on my device (LG G2 VS980) is really stable.


Silly questions

How do I remove the Google Search Bar from my home screens?...

How do I select an specific home screen as my default screen? (you know the one that the phone takes you when you press Home)


Hey guys, a clueless guy around here, I noticed that on most if not all custom ROM's, you can't select any other cellular network apart from "GSM/WCDMA preferred" if I select anything else, the phone doesn't get any signal... this also means that I can only have 3G and H+ on the phone, is there any reason for this?, or is there any known fix or way to select something else and be able to get LTE/4G on the phone?

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Hello, first of all, THANK YOU, because you kept supporting the LG G2 VS980, and your ROM is running on wheels!, really a good experience, I have a couple doubts I hope someone can help me, I was on CM13 but because it was so unstable I went to icex ROM, and then I found this excellent one, I already had recovery and my device was rooted, never had a problem. But when I installed this ROM (exodus-6.0-20160811-NIGHTLY-vs980) it seems that I lost my root?, first I thought that I needed to active Root access on developer options just like in CM13, but there's no such option on EXODUS... it came with SuperSU but it tells me that my device is not rooted, and I can't use apps like Quick Boot anymore... Did I lose root?, did I lose recovery too?, I need to activate it somehow? or re-root it?, if, so, how?... Thank you very much...
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UUUUUUUUUU SILENT HILL 1 por 5 dls, la mejor compra de la semana!!! a revivirlo!!
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