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Google Home, how do I ask for the twit live youtube stream to play on my tv?
"play twit live from youtube on tv" gets me a uploaded video

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I wondering when google will say more about the fuchsia os. I noticed the other day that builds now have my fav editor, vim. I have only fired it up via qemu on linux.
Maybe by google i/o.

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fyi - 1800 093 181 is the local number for google support. Which I had forgot about, I have been having issues with missing episode of Lucifer and have be requesting call via a web form.

Web form call back via

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Am in NSW, was thinking to put the lotto app on my phone, but no.
"Allow installation
Under "Settings > Security > unknown sources" check the box to allow installation of the Lott app"

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With google home shipping in the US, should I wait for someone else in Australia to give it a go or just get one shipped here now?

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Maybe fuchsia os will become Andromeda.
Looks like Fuchsia user interface is flutter based.
Google's Flutter creates mobile apps for ios and android from a single codebase.
The demo looks impressive, check out the youtube and or go to

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Only two week to go till the Dart dev summit.
I'm wonder what the surprise item in two of the talks is.

Building a web app with AngularDart 2.0 and [[surprise]]
How we build and use [[surprise]] at Google
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