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LaLiTa DhAnVaDa
I'm the kind of woman that when I land my feet on the floor in the morning, the Devil thinks, "Oh Crap! She's up!"
I'm the kind of woman that when I land my feet on the floor in the morning, the Devil thinks, "Oh Crap! She's up!"

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X-Men: Wolverine 3D

The D day finally arrived and I was reunited with my eternal love, the one and only Hugh Jackman last weekend. Needless to mention, I am a die hard Hugh Jackman and the X-Men series, so the movie more than enough lived up to my expectations.

The movie was as riveting as any Marvel comics movie. The story, topless Wolverine, action, direction et al lived up to the Marvel standards if not exceeding them. The movie doesn't typically fit in with the X-Men sequence really; it's a prequel to prequels of sorts.

Spoiler alert - synopsis below

The movie starts out with Logan in a bunker jail during the Hiroshima nuclear bombing where he saves the life of a Japanese soldier named Yashida who later becomes the most powerful businessman in SE Asia. After many decades when Yashida is on his cancer death bed, he sends red-head Japanese chick Yukio to get Logan to him to trade his mortality with his immortality. Logan declines the offer and Yashida dies... or so we think. Yashida has a personal oncologist in hot Svetlana Khodchenkova (who we later discover is a Viper mutant) who poisons Logan and his ability to heal takes a hit. The rest of the story revolves around Logan trying to protect Yashida's grand-daughter Mariko who is nominated his heiress instead of his son from her dad, her fiancee, and the underworld. Jean Grey makes cameo appearances in Wolverine's nightmares wearing sexy white nightgowns converting them into pleasant dreams for viewers. The story ends with Wolverine taking on an Adamantium giant (which looks like a Transformer with a Samurai sword) who turns out to be Yashida, and loses the Adamantium from his body to him. But he is Wolverine... and he grows his bony claws back!

The movie ends with Logan having a surprise meeting with Magneto and Xavier at an airport. Looks like there are more X-Men movies on the way!

Hits: topless Hugh Jackman, Svetlana Khodchenkova, action
Misses: useless 3D, Transformer like Samurai giant (is it some kinda trend... Transformers, Pacific Rim, and now Wolverine?)

My rating: 4/5

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