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Ralph the trainee speech therapy dog

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No Pens wednesday 2014: free speaking and listening resources
No Pens Day Wednesday  is the Communication Trust's national speaking and listening event which provides free resources to support schools and settings to put down their pens and pick up their language! It's back for 2014 and will be taking place nationally...

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Through the yes of a child: 6-12months
The Communication Trust produced 4 excellent videos for parents. Take a look at this one for babies between 6 and 12 months

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Using animals in speech therapy: Small Talk's latest team member
Small Talk Speech and Language therapy have a new team member: 10 week old Labrador puppy called Ralph. We are the first speech therapy team in the country to want to utilise the power of animal assisted therapy. It will be a while before Ralph can be let l...

Tips for toddler talking

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Tips for Toddler Talking
This is useful for all the parents who want to know what to do: By Kimberly Scanlon

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What to expect from your first speech therapy visit
The other day I was approached by a parent whose daughter
had been referred by their Health Visitor to Speech and Language Therapy. This
parent came across very anxious as she did not know what to expect, or exactly
why her daughter had been referred. It th...

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NHS and Independent Speech therapists: Working together
In a previous post I discussed the differences and
similarities between NHS and Independent therapists, and the importance of
collaboration. But what does collaboration mean? Collaboration means to work jointly together .
Therefore, any example of people wo...

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Been busy
We've not posted in a while as we've been so busy this month that we haven't had time to write about it! What have we been doing? Well........ Weekly Targeted sessions in nurseries and children's centres in Stafford, South Staffs, Lichfield, Burntwood, East...
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