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When you are having a good time...

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New victims of selfie-love :)) 

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Cool effect!! :D
Self-Siphoning Beads

The Mould Effect describes the motion of a long chain of beads released over the edge of a container. This counter-intuitive demonstration results in a seemingly self-siphoning arch of beads that defies gravity by rising upwards from the edge of the container. The phenomenon was popularized on YouTube in February 2013 by TV presenter and science blogger Steve Mould.

It is believed that Conservation of Momentum is the primary reason for this effect. Because all the beads are connected, the portion of the strand falling downwards must be moving at the same speed as the strand being pulled upwards out of the container. Because it's impossible for the beads to instantaneously change direction from upwards to downwards, the strand arcs into a loop.

However, whenever an object experiences a change in momentum, it also experiences an equivalent force. In this case, the momentum of turning the bend causes a small upwards force that makes the arcing strand lift upwards from the container.

Learn Way More:

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"You believe in God, right, Eric?"
"Hasn't changed since last time you asked."
"The world has, though. Maybe I wanted to see if you'd tried to catch up
by jettisoning the things holding you back."
"If that were the case, love, we wouldn't be talking."
"I get that, Eric. But're religious. Why are there ghosts? Why do they just stay here, trapped and alone, as terrified of letting go and moving on as a religious man and his favorite phobias?"
"You've been talking to your mom? Or drinking?"
"Just answer, Eric. Why do spirits linger here, if there is somewhere better to go? If there is some light at the end of all of this, why aren't they running towards it?"
"Maybe not every spirit wants the light, Leah. Maybe some spirits prefer to surround themselves with the things they hold dear, and hate moving on. Maybe they have a few things left to do. Maybe they aren't spirits at all; maybe they are like a tape-recording, but made of moments of great tragedy and love."
"No, Eric. I think they stay here because we are afraid of letting them go. They linger at the periphery of our minds and the periphery of our hearts because we cannot live without them, even if nothing is real about them at all. Like you and your religion."
"And Atheists are better?"
"No, Eric. To an Atheist, everyone is already a ghost."
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Absolutely beautiful write! 
"You never asked how I lost my faith, Eric."
"I never asked how you lost your virginity, either, love. You got fucked over, somewhere down the line. I figure that it's your business, and if you wanted to tell me, you would. And if you didn't,
it's not my place to pester you."
"No Christian worry about my soul?"
"Why worry about things I can't control? Why bother trying to save a soul as steadfast in its doubts as I am in my faith? If you find Salvation, you'll find it on your own, and in your own way. And if you don't, you'll still have found yourself, right?"
"So I was made to be a lost cause, Eric?"
"No. You were made to doubt. We all are."
"Whatever crutch works for you, Eric."
"Just because you lost your faith doesn't mean you lost your crutches, Leah. It just means your using your doubts to hold you together, not your faith. And if that's enough for you, then it's enough for me. Because I love you, just the way you are, broken and shattered and
"I've been told that before, Eric."
"And that's why I doubt."
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somehow she
crawled inside of me
my hidden scars,
my poisoned seas
those bitter parts
i prayed stayed hidden
she nested there
where all were forbidden
in hearts bone-lined
did she gently
make a home.

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and i do not know
when you became my home;
my walls and windows
stairs and floor
your heart my fireplace
your eyes a door
your arms in mine
i can't ask for more.

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"Life is losing, Eric. It is a dying, a burying.First my peace. Peace is always the first to go, right?
So, peace went first. My mom was a turbo-Christian. A zealot. Dad was..well; dad was dad. When mom left us, I lost my mother, and all of those arguments she and my dad had had were replaced by silences, which was even worse. I lost hope. Faith, too, I think. Wasn't divorce supposed to be bad? Leaving your kids?
To live is to bury. And I got so used to burying things, especially things that hurt me, I suppose I began to forget that one other thing; what we bury isn't dead. It's there, inside us all the time. Every betrayal. Every act of cowardice, every silence, where a single word might have saved a soul. Goddamn, Eric, but the things we bury always come home to bury us."
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the pain never gets easier to bear.
you just get better at hiding it.
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