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Wrote a short the other day on big-O space requirements for reversible computers. Because of my physics background, I've always been interested in these--their theoretical energy efficiency, that is. Thought I'd share. Perhaps of some pedagogic value, not sure..

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An old post about a delayed differential equation governing the distribution of primes using probability heuristics alone

Q'(x) = - Q(x) Q( √x ) / x

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When will our AI become self aware? Sooner than we think, perhaps.

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Once at a party, I heard that this ridde was originally presented at the opening lecture of an information theory course. I had originally heard a variation on it as an interview question. I like the party version better. Hope you enjoy..

You will be dealt 5 cards at random from a full deck (of 52). You and your friend are to devise a protocol with which on your showing only 4 of those 5 cards (in some order) she can correctly infer what the 5th card is. What's your protocol?

(Needless to say, at the party, no one could solve it on spot.)

Bonus question: Generalize this. If instead you were dealt 6 cards of a deck of x unique cards (and you're to show 5 of those cards in some order), what's the maximum value of x?

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A little geometry problem I'd like to share..

I'm modeling a tetrahedron (for a computer program) by specifying the lengths of its 6 edges. Now not all 6-tuples of such positive values can represent a valid tetrahedron, so I need a way for my program to validate the given lengths. One easy-to-check constraint (a necessary condition), is that for each of the faces of the tetrahedron, the given lengths must satisfy the triangle inequality. Is that condition sufficient? (I'm thinking it is, but can't prove it.)


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I speculate sentience is an emergent property of living in numbers. A kind of social phenomenon. The idea of identity and individuation is one of the first things a living instance learns as its born into its social environment. An infant born to a barren world (but still fed) would likely never learn of its own existence.

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