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Joydeep Hazarika
You may say I'm a dreamer... but i'm not the only one! :)
You may say I'm a dreamer... but i'm not the only one! :)

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I just scored 9,315 on doodle jump!
for android:
for ios:
for wp8+:

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Mohenjo Daro Trailer: My Thoughts
I am a history nerd. I have loved history ever since I can
remember back to my earliest existence. And because I’m also a movie buff, it
is only natural that I love historical films or period dramas. My tryst with
such films from the stables of Bollywood ha...

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A Bird Lover’s Paradise
Watching birds is something I have enjoyed a lot ever since
I was child. Around the year, quite a variety of birds land in our house’s
compound and hence I had a good time watching and observing them throughout my
childhood. When I grew older and got into p...

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Exploring the Cole Park
I love Tezpur. I have always called it the cleanest city in
Assam, and recently the WHO gave it the distinction of being the cleanest city
in India. Having my paternal roots to the city and its nearby areas, I have
loved this city ever since I was a child d...

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Experiencing Shiva in the midst of Nature
Guwahati is home to some very holy sites of Hinduism.
Everyone is familiar with Kamakhya Temple. And now more and more people are
visiting the other temples of Guwahati such as Umananda and Navagraha. But one
temple that is still not many people’s knowledge...

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Meet the Rhinos!
The rhino is
the pride of Assam. We here have the most sizeable population of the rhinoceros
on the planet. We have a reason to feel pride over this magnificent beast.
While we know that rhinos are found in Africa as well, there is a misconception
among man...

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The Fantastic Desi Dog
There is
something unusually fantastic about the desi dog. It’s a dog breed we see daily
out on the streets and everywhere else. Many people keep it as pets although it
is not really seen as a classy option for a pet. But there is something
absolutely fanta...

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Biswanath Ghat, the abode of Shiva
Assam has many tourist gems which are not well known among
the general public. One such gem is the Biswanath Ghat which is located near
Biswanath Chariali town in the recently formed Biswanath district. A view of the river beach along the Brahmaputra  Locat...

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Reliving the golden era of comic books
Reading comic books is a pretty much dead trend nowadays in
India. The number of people who read comics today is quite miniscule to the number
that used to exist about twenty years back. Our entire childhood and early
teens went away in the pursuit of colle...

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No Home for Leopards!
Guwahati is a unique city. While it is a hustling and
bustling metropolis on one hand, on the other hand it is a city that has ample
amount of unabashed natural beauty. The hills that surround Guwahati are
special as they house some of the wild beauties tha...
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